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Life Changes

Hello Everyone, 

I have been super busy with work that I just come home really tired to even post something meaningful on my blog. Today I have the opportunity to finally post something. 

Life moves me like a rollercoaster up and down, making me feel like life is not how I expected it to be when I was younger. When I was younger life seemed so simple and easy that it felt like if nothing in this world could hurt me. As I grew older, it got complicated every time. I was afraid more often and anxious, shy, and nervous all the time. I was also less self-confident in myself. 

 Today that I am 25 and almost turning 26, I look back often into my past while growing up in Orange County and think to myself. I have gone through so much difficulties and challenges in my life that I feel like life is one big rollercoaster full of challenges. 

Every day I am learning to not to worry too much, to love myself as I truly am, and to embrace life’s challenges and difficulties in a positive way. 

Lately I have been liking sunflowers because they exude happiness, sunshine,and warmth all around. 🌻🌻🌻☮️🙂🙂🌻🌻🌻


Seeds of Hope

Hello Everyone:)

Here in California it is so hot right now that I feel Spring almost coming, which it will. How will you guys spend your Spring break, or what plans do you have for this Spring? Me I am going to start working at Macy’s and focusing on my college courses; while also make time to have fun with my family and friends.
These few days have been gone so fast, but these days also gave me seeds of hope. This poem that I came up with in my mind, expresses how much these past few days have helped me gain renewed hope during tough challenges.

Seeds of hope
Come to me
Like rain pouring down
The gray cloudy sky
That once touching one
A flower magically sprouts and blooms in the cold brown earth ground.
Seeds of hope
Grow into flowers of hope
Oh! Those flowers of hope
Upon seeing them
Their colorful bright petals shine up at me
They tell me to look up high in the sky, and see nature’s beauty all around me for that is how the seeds of hope grow,
The flowers grow so tall
Hope abounds them.
Just like the seeds of hope
We too are filled with hope.