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The moon lights up the dark night sky. 

I look up from my bedroom window 

My brown eyes are filled with wonder and 

Enchantment at the luminous light that is 

The moon.

I don’t need chaos in this world, only the 

Beautiful moon to admire for it’s true beauty

Lights up the night sky for you and me.

It’s mystical eyes look down on me

As if the moon was my best friend, I smile

At the moonlight shining below me.


Winter Magic

Winter magic fills me with endless joy, wonder, and imagination. 

I close my eyes and fill the smell of the chilly air with wishes of snow-covered houses. The warmth of my black and white checkered sweater fills me images of cozy warm fireplaces. The simple joy of drinking hot cocoa, making a gingerbread house with a loved one, or listening to Christmas music brings the genuine magic that I crave to bring me up from my gloom. 

Walking outside where it is raining, and cloudy I create in my mind the image of a place full of winter magic surrounding me. I may be feeling cold, but I will keep the images of winter magic to keep me warm, and joyful. 

If My Life was a Movie…

If my life was a movie
I would make myself a warrior Queen of my own kingdom
I would be in control of my own life
My own destiny.
I would be the hero of others struggling to find their own place, their voice in this wild world.
Monsters can scare us
But they can never break our courage, our joy, and our confidence to be all that we want to be in this world.
In this wild world that tries to control me, I know what I want, and what I want to accomplish.
I have the power to say no to negativity and say yes to positivity.
True love and happiness is all we need in this crazy world.


Diamond Girls

We’re lonely, miserable
Dreamers, dreaming our life away.
We dont care what others say.
We light up the sky like no one’s watching us.
We are diamonds
We’re diamond girls,
We shine brighter,
Let your light shine
Lets not hide our light,
Shoot those fears away.
For so long we have been hiding,
Been friends of the darkness,
Afraid to show ourselves,
Afraid of defeating our monsters.
We are diamonds
Diamond girls,
We’re born diamonds
Diamonds of the world.

Kiss away the Rain

Wednesday rain
Cold air seeps into my bones
Chilling me right to the core
Of my dreams, my hopes.
Thoughts race through my
Fragile mind
Confusing me on and on.
Then you came like the rain
Unexpectedly washing away
All my fears that drowned
My heart, my mind.
Spend enough time with you
Is all i want,
This rain is only separating us
On and on.
Dont leave me now,
Lets kiss away the rain far
Away from us.



Secrets kept inside
Secrets hidden in my
Precious mind.
No one knows me well
I am the secretkeeper,
The keeper of secrets
Once you tell me your
Secrets i will not tell a soul.
I will keep my secrets to the grave.
Some secrets are big, some are small.
Some i think twice before
Keeping them inside of me.
So dont be afraid,
Tell me your secrets,
I wont tell a soul.
The things you have done,
The things you have said,
The things you have kept away from anyone.
You can count on me.
Shhhh, dont tell a soul.


Little White Tree

Little tree
White and lonely
Lonely but happy
Its white flowers
Keep the little tree
Company is all it craves
All it wants.
I gaze at the little tree
Wonder fill my eyes
As i think with amazement
At the little white tree.
It holds no grudges,
No remorse,
No fear,
No doubts.
Only beauty,
Happiness in life.
Little white tree
With its white flowers
Full of wonder and beauty,
Please tell me your secret
To happiness.


Stress kills

Stress kills
Silently crawls
Inside me it lives
Begs to let live.
I do not eat as i realize
Danger coming my way.
Life is the end for me,
No trace of happiness
No trace of motivation
Only a low hole that forms
Deep inside of me
Forms small as a seed,
Then hugely as a giraffe.
Stress kills me
Stress eats me up
Until i am nothing
But a depressed, grey soul
with no life
With no color
With no meaning.
Only the knowledge that stress murdered me.


February Summer

February Summer
Early Summer breeze
Brings early flower buds
Blooming with hope,
They are born anew
Full of life they fill their
Young hearts.
February Summer
Skies clear out all darkness
And fear away from us.
Early flower buds
Bloom full of happiness
Their petals full of life,
Full of color
Tells us of life’s simple pleasures,
We can’t let go of the true
Beauty surrounding us
it covers us with love day and night.



I am the dreamer
The creator of my dreams
Dreams that i keep trapped
Inside my mind
Keep me wondering,
Fighting each day to keep
Them alive.
Dreams are difficult to keep
Hard to make them come true.
Hard times
Ignorant people got me, going down,
Down to the drain i go
feeling like dreams do not exist,
Feeling like my dreams
Are just fake
With no meaning
With no hope.