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My soul yearns to love you

A million times more than what

You want to give me. 

I love you more than you can imagine, 

More than the moon, the enchanting stars 

Above us, and the sun that warms me 

With a deep love for you. 

I only hope and pray that you

Truly see the yearning of love that I 

Feel for you. 

For now it is worth the risk to yearn for you 

My lover. 



I feel different than the way i was before.
Changes come my way everyday.
I welcome these new experiences into my life.
They make me feel like i can accomplish anything in my life.
The doubts and fears that once kept me prisoner, no longer keep me away from the changes i am experiencing in my life right now.
I may fall and falter at times, but they will never let me shatter.
Like a butterfly who spreads its wings after metamorphosis, i am becoming my own new me.
Dont know what is next for me in my life. All i know is that i will smile and see the good things in life. Love with all my heart. Learn everyday, and everyday is a new day with no mistakes.

Enchanted Love

You mark my heart
Leave me breathless,
full of wonders
Enchanting is your love
I never want to leave you,
There will never be anything
Tearing us apart.
You brighten up my dark days,
Help me see the positive things in life.
We stick like glue
Two hearts attached
Born to be with you.
Enchanting is your love
Never want to be away from you,
Always keep my heart on lock and key with anyone else, but you unlock my heart.
Enchanted love.


A Wanderer

I am a wanderer of new places

Places never seen or gone to.

I can go driving on the road less

traveled by, it is a road that holds

many wonders and surprises for me;

many promises that you and I can see

and discover.

With my eyes open, I do not wait.

I am the wanderer, free of spirit,

with a heart full of love

curiousness invades me

as I look around me

the world is growing, changing,

it’s a wild life full of fantasy, life,

joy, but also full of darkness,

mystery, adventure, and joy.

I am a wanderer

my second name is traveler

i am always on the go; never stopping

I will never stop.



Spring flowers

Hello Everyone:)!

Spring flowers come out
The sun is out
Don’t know why I am not sunny like the sun that shines bright above me.

I tell myself that everything will be fine, that life is not a huge mess
Spring flowers I see, help me believe that life is not so bad
They are beautiful, life is beautiful.

The blue sky is clear of problems
Wish my problems were clear of problems, but they are not.
My life will always be filled with cloudy and clear days.

So I look at the Spring flowers
Looking for peace of mind,
The happiness that I dream of.
May seem miles away from me,
impossible to reach, but I will not give up.


Death is a Nightmare, Death is Eternal Rest

Death follows us wherever we go.
It creeps into us when we least expect it.
Death is no ones friend,
Yet, it somehow finds us,
It begs to be noticed.
Death is a nightmare
Death is eternal rest.

Being afraid of death is a part of us.
But we can’t escape death,
I have not felt death
I have only seen its black cold hands touch its next victim.
Death is the reaper`s friend
They work close together to bring death to all of us.

Death is a part of life
Yet, we all seem to not like death
Death is a nightmare
Death is eternal rest.


Butterflies in a Jar

Butterflies in a jar
Flap their colorful wings waiting to be set free.
They have been locked inside the jar for a long time,
They long to feel the fresh air touch their small bodies and fragile wings.

Butterflies in a jar
Dance inside, hoping to be set free.
They long to fly, to travel, to discover.
To feel the sense of being wild and young.
Being trapped in a jar is like being trapped in a prison jar.

They see the beautiful world around them and their eyes grow weary at being trapped inside, not knowing what to do.
Their young, curious eyes grow old and tired with each passing moment.


Hello is his Name

Hello is his name

Whenever I smile I remember Hello

He is my friend

Night and day he comes sneaking to me

The sun comes out shining high in the sky.

Everyone tries to put Hello down

He is special, amazing, wonderful

No one understands him, except me

He might not be good-looking,

but righteous in heart.

Hello is his name

Spend the whole nights with him

Dancing and signing like no one is watching us

He is my friend

Night and day he comes sneaking to me

Seeing him is like seeing magic come alive

The sun comes out shining high in the sky

There is nothing else I want

Only Hello by my side.

How I Unwind

Many problems racing in my mind
They are like dogs chasing cats
They will never go away.
Or so I think.
Until I look at the sun
Its warmth radiates joy
Renews my mind
The smiling sun looks up at me
Reassuring me that everything will be okay.

Life is not always what we wish it were or could be
It is always full of surprises,
Problems, mysteries
Life is a mystery that none of us will ever be able to solve.

The sun is how I unwind
Its warmth gives me the strength
The joy
The hope I need to keep going.
I will not stray from the sun
For it is my friend
My beacon of courage.


The Wind Woman

Hello Everyone :-)!

I just finished writing a poem for my Creative Writing course that I am taking at Southern New Hampshire University to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Fiction writing. I am liking the course and learning new writing skills. This week I am learning poetry and how imagery is used in poems to describe clearly a thing, place, or person. I want to share with you my poem, hope you like it. I like it when I feel great joy in sharing with you my writing creations because they mean to me a great deal 🙂 I am smiling on the inside.

The Wind Woman

The Wind Woman brings its nature’s gifts
Fresh air dancing all over
Covers me with its cool body
It envelopes itself on my face, arms, and legs as I walk.
Its cool air makes my skin turn silky soft.

I close my eyes and look up high into the sky
I call the air and it comes back again
It is as if the air can hear me.

The bright sun shines as gold coins
They fall down into me radiating warmth and happiness
The clear blue sea sky smiles down at me
Its beauty reminds me of happiness in small things.

Beauty in nature is never ending
Walking is all I need to appreciate the beautiful birds flying freely make me feel free as never before
The pain of everyday problems soon dissolves
As I greet the golden bright sun, the beautiful brown and amber-colored trees , and the cool air of The Wind Woman calm me.

My ideal bed is the cool grass ground
Laying down with my eyes closed magical places seep in my mind
Quietness and stillness of nature exist in that moment, it fills me up with abundant joy
The Wind Woman brings its nature’s gifts
I am not afraid.