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The moon lights up the dark night sky. 

I look up from my bedroom window 

My brown eyes are filled with wonder and 

Enchantment at the luminous light that is 

The moon.

I don’t need chaos in this world, only the 

Beautiful moon to admire for it’s true beauty

Lights up the night sky for you and me.

It’s mystical eyes look down on me

As if the moon was my best friend, I smile

At the moonlight shining below me.


The Forbidden Forest Part 1

Hello Everyone :-)!

How have you all been? Hope you have all been great 🙂 me I have been great as always working hard to make my dream of writing a reality. Here is a story I am working on:

“The Forbidden Forest Part 1″

Kristy was sitting on a big rock outside staring at the clear evening sky with wonder in her face. Although she was a few miles away from her house, she was not scared or worried of getting lost. She did not want to go inside the house for that meant missing the usual beauty of the blue sky turning into black darkness, and admiring the big round moon shining down on her.

The ten-year-old girl sighed with regret once more as she does every evening.

” Oh how I wish I could stay outside the whole night and explore the beauty and mystery of night.” She thought to herself as she always does when walking on her way home.

Kristy was not like other girls in the village who would rather stay inside the house and play dress-up with paper dolls, or go calling with friends to gossip about a cute boy or the latest fashion trends. Kristy would rather dance around the wide field of flowers and go exploring in the near forests for beautiful objects that mother nature has to offer. Usually her mother let her stay out in the night, but not today.

She found her mother standing by the door waiting for her.

“Oh mother, why can’t children stay outside at night today, just like in daytime?” Kristy looked at her mother with wonder in her eyes.

Her mother looked back at her daughter with patience hugging her. “Because it is not safe, many children have been lost from going in the forbidden forest.”

“Do they come back?” She asked curiously. As  they stared at the night sky from the window next to Kristy’s bed.

“I do not know honey, now go to sleep.” Her mother kisses both her cheeks tenderly and hugs her warmly.”

“Goodnight mother.”

“Goodnight my daughter.”

Kristy could not sleep for the strong desire and hunger to know what secret things happen in the forest on Halloween night haunted her ten-year-old mind.

She slowly got up from her warm cozy bed, slipped on a warm sweater and her brown boots, careful not to wake her mother she set out really quietly into the cold mysterious night.