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My soul yearns to love you

A million times more than what

You want to give me. 

I love you more than you can imagine, 

More than the moon, the enchanting stars 

Above us, and the sun that warms me 

With a deep love for you. 

I only hope and pray that you

Truly see the yearning of love that I 

Feel for you. 

For now it is worth the risk to yearn for you 

My lover. 

What Music Means to Me

Every song means life, passion, love, and stories told in lyrics.
What is life without music?
The banning of music would mean the banning of all it’s beauty and joy.
Music is my ears best friend.
It has comforted me through my darkest days.
Songs lyrics give me something to believe in, to give me hope and faith in a world that has no light of hope I just put on my headphones and play the music that feeds my soul, that reminds me always to keep on going in spite of the challenges in front of me.
I have a million favorite songs that play inside my head day and night they keep me company whenever I feel lonely and scared.
Spreading a good song is like spreading positivity into the world.
As an introvert it let’s me express myself when no one is willing to listen to me. It gives me a chance let myself be free and to get rid of anything that is bothering me inside. 

Enchanted Love

You mark my heart
Leave me breathless,
full of wonders
Enchanting is your love
I never want to leave you,
There will never be anything
Tearing us apart.
You brighten up my dark days,
Help me see the positive things in life.
We stick like glue
Two hearts attached
Born to be with you.
Enchanting is your love
Never want to be away from you,
Always keep my heart on lock and key with anyone else, but you unlock my heart.
Enchanted love.


Kiss away the Rain

Wednesday rain
Cold air seeps into my bones
Chilling me right to the core
Of my dreams, my hopes.
Thoughts race through my
Fragile mind
Confusing me on and on.
Then you came like the rain
Unexpectedly washing away
All my fears that drowned
My heart, my mind.
Spend enough time with you
Is all i want,
This rain is only separating us
On and on.
Dont leave me now,
Lets kiss away the rain far
Away from us.


Real Love

Hello Everyone,

Real love is like real life.
There are no Prince Charming
In the real world.
As humans it is easy to fantasize, to believe that there are such things as fairytale love.
As we grow older, life`s experiences make us realize that there truly is no such things as fairytale love, it does not exist.
True real love happens when you least expect it.
As people in the 21st century, we have to wait for real true love to come to us, not chase after the perfect man or women  of our dreams.
It is time to embrace our single status and be happy within ourselves, to do whatever makes us happy.

To me Valentine’s Day is about not just about showing love to the people close to your heart, it is also a time to learn to love yourself more, no matter how many scars you have from the past. This February 14, is a time to erase all of the hate that we have inside of us for ourselves or someone else and just show love to yourself and to others.

Love is one of the greatest gifts in the planet, let’s not waste it.


You Are My God

Hello Everyone :-)!

I want to share with you a poem that I wrote this Summer during my trip to Steubenville in San Diego with my church youth group. It was a three day weekend full of fun and celebration of how God is joy and true happiness. As a catholic I have come to realize that I need Him more than ever.


You are my God,
My Savior
The one who rescued me
From the dark hole
That I was stuck in.
Like a little girl,
I was scared and lost.

You are my God,
My Savior
The one who rescued me
From the deep wide
Sea of loneliness and doubt.

You are my God,
You shine a light
On my darkest days,
Your words of comfort
Renew my mind and soul,
They give me the confidence
That I truly need.
Faith in you is all I need,
Nothing else.

You are my God,
My only true friend.
Nothing else can compare
To the immense love You
Have for us all.
Even though we sometimes
Shy away from your love,
You amazingly never cease
To give up on us.
You only know,
That deep inside of us
There is this huge love
That we have for You
That will never fade.

You are my God.
You are my Savior.


Waiting for Love

Hello Everyone :-)!

Letting love in is kind of complicated especially when that special someone does not know how you feel for them.


For me, feelings of love came when I was in eighth grade. His name is Joseph and he was so nice to me 🙂 I fell in love with his smile because his smile was so beautiful:-) we were both in the same Gym class and he would sit in front of me, I in the back. He would turn around and smile at me sometimes that my heart would just melt, making me speechless, full of blushing red on my face and ears.


The bad thing about all of this was that I kept my feelings of him to myself, I would be completely scared of telling him how I feel about him, because of the fear of rejection.

I think it was just puppy love, or not, may never know. Only God knows. I only hope to find my true love someday 🙂 I have had crushes before but have not found the right person for me yet.


Besides, I am not rushing the need to date a guy that will sweep me off my feet, like in a song: ” for everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn, and a chance for every purpose under heaven.”  I have come to believe that it is best to wait until true love comes to me, I will wait patiently.


Here is a poem that I wrote on one of my notebooks about my deep longing to know if my crush had the same feelings for me, yes or no:

I wish I had the guts to tell you
How much I love you.
You are all wrapped up in your own world, and I in mine
That sometimes it is hard
To let out my feelings for you.

We are both two different people,
We don’t know each so well,
But if you give me the chance
Maybe, we can grow into something amazing.

I wish I had the guts to tell you
How much I live you,
But you are all wrapped up in your world, and I in mine.
It is sometimes hard to let out my feelings for you.


Got to Let You Go

Sitting in my room,
All alone with nothing else to do
But just think of you.
Everyday the same thing on my mind, don’t know how to take you off my mind.
I still remember the last time you broke my heart.
You broke it into little pieces, until there was no heart but just small broken pieces.
There is no way to fix this damage you have done.
I do not want to hurt myself no more, so I will let you go, I know in time I will let you go.
I used to think that we would last forever, but we will not.
Got to let you go.