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Life Changes

Hello Everyone, 

I have been super busy with work that I just come home really tired to even post something meaningful on my blog. Today I have the opportunity to finally post something. 

Life moves me like a rollercoaster up and down, making me feel like life is not how I expected it to be when I was younger. When I was younger life seemed so simple and easy that it felt like if nothing in this world could hurt me. As I grew older, it got complicated every time. I was afraid more often and anxious, shy, and nervous all the time. I was also less self-confident in myself. 

 Today that I am 25 and almost turning 26, I look back often into my past while growing up in Orange County and think to myself. I have gone through so much difficulties and challenges in my life that I feel like life is one big rollercoaster full of challenges. 

Every day I am learning to not to worry too much, to love myself as I truly am, and to embrace life’s challenges and difficulties in a positive way. 

Lately I have been liking sunflowers because they exude happiness, sunshine,and warmth all around. 🌻🌻🌻☮️🙂🙂🌻🌻🌻


Moving in to Redding

Hello Everyone,

I was so proud that I passed my CNA test but more because I knew that I was going to get hired for a job that I was interested in getting also.
It is a CNA job for a long-term care facility and rehab called Marquis Shasta. More than that it meant I would have to move to northern California, in a city named Redding.
I was excited and full of wonderment at what would happen. Yet I felt like my whole life has been changing so much lately that sometimes I feel like I cannot handle these changes happening to me. 

I know that change is a great thing to experience, that I should learn to appreciate it, I am slowly little by little. 


I feel different than the way i was before.
Changes come my way everyday.
I welcome these new experiences into my life.
They make me feel like i can accomplish anything in my life.
The doubts and fears that once kept me prisoner, no longer keep me away from the changes i am experiencing in my life right now.
I may fall and falter at times, but they will never let me shatter.
Like a butterfly who spreads its wings after metamorphosis, i am becoming my own new me.
Dont know what is next for me in my life. All i know is that i will smile and see the good things in life. Love with all my heart. Learn everyday, and everyday is a new day with no mistakes.

Life Changes

Hello Everyone:)!

There are people that say that change is good

That change let’s us grow, let’s us discover who we are.

I want to believe that change is good

That change is something that I need to become a better person,

but change right now seems to me so big of a thing to carry right now,

I feel change is coming to me so fast, so unexpectedly

I don’t want to take change,but I have to.

Change is coming

I can feel it in my bones

Everywhere around me is changing

so fast, so soon will I feel different

So soon will change come to me

I cannot run away from it

I have to accept change into my life.



Hello Everyone:)!

It is interesting and crazy to know that our life can change so quickly from being good to bad, or from being bad to good. Our life is made up of choices that we make and can drastically alter or change our life for the good or bad.
For me making choices is not an easy thing for me to do, sometimes I do not like change because it makes me feel weird, lost, and out of place from the familiar things I used to know, or the people I used to see everyday. Accepting change is something that I am still working on and not fretting it.
These past few days have made me realize that changes have made me see what I need to improve on more. Changes happen for a reason, the hardest part is accepting those changes.

Suddenly change comes to me
Knocking at my door is the
Ever changing friend waiting for me to come to him.
He always comes pleading me
Taking me away,
But I always say no
I always escape.