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The Reality of Being a CNA

Hello Everyone 🙂

I decided to share with you guys about my own experience of working as a CNA, and also to share with you the realities of being a Certified Nurse Assistant. I have heard that the job of being a CNA is undervalued because it is seemed as a job that can be frustrating to do, and honestly it is but it has it’s positives as well.

Being a CNA is a job that honestly requires a lot of patience and willingness to do such a job because you are basically with senior residents 24/7, it is like you are their main caregiver. Another reality about being a CNA is that the assigned residents you get for your shift are your responsibility during your shift to take care of, and trust me when I say that, it is honestly not an easy job to do because I had to learn how to manage my time wisely by seeing which of my assigned residents needed to take their showers, or who needed their vitals done for that day, or which residents are continent and incontinent, so it is a lot of responsibility that falls on you.

Another reality is you have to make sure that your residents are safe at all times, meaning that if a resident is a fall-risk then you as a CNA have to make sure that resident is safe in their wheelchair, or bed at all times during your scheduled shift; you cannot just leave them unattended since it can get you and your job into trouble if one of your residents is fall-risk and gets injured seriously.

While being a CNA can be stressful, frustrating, demanding, and a lot of responsibility, it also has it’s positive’s like I mentioned to you guys earlier in my post. One of them that I like as a CNA is knowing that I am making a resident feel safe and comfortable, and that their needs are met. Another positive that I like about being a CNA is getting positive compliments from the residents about how well I am doing my job in taking care of them, and also interacting with the residents makes my job more meaningful.

I personally never though or considered a job as a CNA before, but I needed to find a job that would help me support myself because I was tired on relying on my parents for anything that I needed, and also because I wanted to be financially independent; so I just decided to take a quick CNA course to get my CNA certification in order to get a job, and so I did and I got a job.

I am not planning on being a CNA for a long time though,  there are a lot of things I want to do in my life.  I am studying Creative Writing because it’s another love that I have. I want to create my own stories and share them with everyone else. I mostly want to write stories for Middle Grade,  and Young Adults. It’s tough growing up because you are trying to find your place in this world. 


I’m Thankful for What I have 😊✌🌻

Hello Everyone, 

Since it is Monday today I decided to simply do a blog post about what I am thankful for.  These past few months have been full of ups and Downs that I sometimes tend to keep focusing on the negative moments that I have had more,  than on the positive moments that I have experienced.  Being thankful is mostly something that we think about in November for Thanksgiving,  but I try to think every month what I am thankful for;  but honestly I do forget sometimes.  So here are five things that I am thankful for:

1. I’m thankful for having a loving boyfriend who loves me for who I am and respects me. It was not a love at first sight,  it was more of like a love that happened unexpectedly but in a good way. 

2. My family and friends,  even though I have not had the chance to go visit my family in Orange County,  California,  I do miss them a lot.  Calling my mom and my twin sister helps though.  I also miss my friends a lot and hopefully someday I can see them again. 

3. Having a job is another thing that I am thankful for.  I used to struggle looking for a job in which I can support myself financially with out relying on my parents a lot.  Having a job as a CNA has helped me understand the value of helping others.  

4. Loving my unique self and accepting my natural beauty is something that I am truly thankful for because there have been times in my life while growing up that I have felt insecure about myself,  and my physical image.  I have also struggled with my self-confidence,  I used to listen and take to heart what everyone thought about me,  to the point that I would let everyone’s negative comments affect me in negative way. 

5. Continuing with my higher education is another thing that I am thankful for because coming Mexican immigrant parents,  I have learned the value of having an education and working hard towards my dreams and goals is something to be proud of in life.  My parents we’re not so fortunate enough to get a college degree because they had to work to provide for themselves and their families so my parents have always instilled me and my siblings to work hard and to never give up on our own dreams and goals no matter how challenging it may seem. I want to have a career in writing,  so it is something that I am working on right now,  and even though it may seem challenging I do not want to give up in my goal of publishing a novel someday. 

Journal Entry #1

Hello Everyone, 🙂

This coming week is going to be a big week for me because I will take my state certification test to become a Certified Nurse Assistant, I know that it’s another goal I have in order to get a job and support myself and my family independently.
I is funny of to think that just last year I would tell my twin sister that I was not interested in learning anything that was medical related, because it just never interested me until now.
Taking CNA classes and doing my internship hours at a long-term care facility has opened my eyes to how rewarding a CNA job can be because it means that I am helping people with disabilities and are in rehabilitation, get well and become independent once more.
Helping the senior residents everyday made me feel like I was making a huge difference in their lifes.
I hope and have faith that I will pass both the skills and the written test this coming Saturday. Everyone who reads this please wish me the best of luck, hopefully I do not get so nervous on the day of the test.

Your friend,


My Dream is Shattered

Hello Everyone! 🙂

You might all be wondering why I titled my new post, “My Dreams are Shattered,” well I want to share with you guys a personal experience that I had when I was 15 years old and a Sophomore in high school, well my biggest dream was to be an actress because I always thought that acting out any different character and just being someone else, and reading story scripts was so fun and interesting to me that I did not think about becoming anything else, but an actress. I started taking a theater class in my Sophomore year to start learning the ins and outs of acting and theater. I can truly say that I did gain some valuable acting experience but I was so stubborn, on not realizing that a career in acting was not available for me right now, much less having parents who would not be able to support me financially. I had the wonderful experience of going to an acting and modeling audition that John Casablanca’s did, which is an acting and modeling school. I eventually got called back because the judges told me that I had potential to be an actress, but that I needed to take acting classes in their school in order to get the professional experience that I needed.


When they explained to my parents about the expensive costs of the classes, my parents quickly explained to me that I couldn’t take go to that school because it was too expensive, and they do not give financial help. Seriously I felt at that moment that my dream went shattering down. I tried convincing that acting is the career I want to do because I was deeply passionate about it, not because I wanted to be famous like Selena Gomez, but because it seemed fun and interesting. Despite my parent’s disapproval of me doing acting as a career I still took theater classes in high school and in college but later on I realized that my parents were right. Acting was just not my career, Jesus Christ has something in store for me much better. I might go back to acting in the future, but for right now I am going to focus on my writing because I know that I can easily do a career right now that is accessible and conveniently available to me right now. I am not going to give up on my life just because I could not realize my big dream of acting. I still like acting, I will see if in the future God brings to me that profession again.


Reading a small prayer brought me thinking back about that experience I went through, I hope this prayer also helps you find your purpose and profession in life with the help of God.

My Dream is Shattered

To the loving God
Who cares about my dreams:
Bless and restore me.
In my disappointment and
Help me remember
That you have a future full of
Hope for me.
Give me a new dream.
-(The Catholic Youth Prayer Book)