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My Top Three Favorite YouTube videos for January 2015

Hello Everyone:)!

I have a’lot of favorite videos that I have watched on YouTube, when I come across a totally favorite video, I share it on Facebook. Here are my top three that I have recently watched this month. Some are funny and some are truly motivational and inspiring. I always like going to YouTube to watch videos that can motivate me and inspire me to not give up, and to keep trying no matter what.

1. The Teens React videos from TheFineBros.

I have seen several of the TheFineBros. videos, they always do a great job of creating videos where different people from different ages react and voice their own opinions about a wide variety of topics in popular culture, fashion, and main events that have happened around the world.

My favorite video is Teens react to 80’s Fashion, I enjoyed watching this video because it is about 80’s fashion and even though I was not born in that era yet (I was born in 1991), I kind of know what fashion trends were popular in the 80’s through my Mom, she was a teenager in the 80’s so she sometimes shares with me and my siblings some of the fashion trends that she would use. I remember she told me that she would wear leg warmers a’lot, tights, and long sweaters. I learned about other fashion trends that were popular in the 80’s just by watching this video, I thought it was weird that women used to use shoulder pads to make them look powerful in the professional workplace. I now know the reason why females used them, I would use them also if I was an adult in 80’s. They also mention fanny packs and bright neon colors in fashion were used often in the 80’s.

2. A Letter to My Younger Self by Jennxpenn

I literally made this video my daily motivational video :). I like to watch motivational videos that other people do because to me it means that they really care about other people and want to share their personal wisdom with others. It is a video that teenagers can relate to, and adults can relate to also as well. It is a video with a message in it, it reminds us all that we can achieve our dreams if we do not stop dreaming, we can create, and inspire others. We can all do great things in our life, we just have to start by believing that we can and we will.

3. Taylor Swift’s Gift Giving of 2014

Completely love what Taylor Swift did for her fans, she truly is someone special that cares about her fans. I can truly say I have been a fan of her ever since she released her first album in 2006, and have all of her albums. But this special thing that she did for her fans is truly beyond words I cannot describe. I have never heard of a music artist do something like this for their fans, so watching this video that she posted on her YouTube channel really made me appreciate and respect her, not only as an artist but also as a generous person who likes to give to others and who will do anything for her fans because she does not take them for granted; they are her best friends also.