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I am Single and Proud of It

Hello Everyone:)!

It is February, which means it Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I do not know about you guys but me I am really happy being single right now:) I would like to meet that special guy that will sweep me off my feet and make me feel like a princess, but right now I am only twenty-three years old and my main priorities right now are working towards my writing career and just learning to be on my own. I do not want to be that type of women who just wants to depend on her boyfriend or have one to make her feel special and confident.

The are women that have low self-esteem which means that they do not like to be alone, this can be a negative thing for anyone to do because as a person you are not learning to discover yourself and how to be independent.

My Mom and Aunt, Carmen (RIP), have both taught me from a young age to be independent, strong, and confident. Over the years it has been tough for me to appreciate myself and grow out of my shell, I am slowly learning each day as I grow older to be confident, to be on my own. I first want to live life on my own to the fullest, doing the things that I want to do, and go to the places I want to go.

Sometimes it surprises me how much my junior high friends have changed, I do not talk to them anymore but seeing their Instagram and Facebook profiles has made me realize how much they have changed over the years. The girls I used to hang out with in junior high are now the same age as me and they are already Mothers with kids of their own. I smile every time I see their pictures:). I see their pictures and think, am I the only person who is not rushing through life, that is just taking things slowly? I have always been a late bloomer; I sometimes think about dating.

I can date a guy but I prefer to wait and just let my life happen as it is supposed to. I want to go step-by-step and take the time that I have to learn about myself and to learn more about life.

My plans for this Valentine’s Day are to bake sugar cookies for my family and to just relax and think about all the love that is surrounding me right now. I do not want to worry or be sad about still being single and having to find the right guy for me.


Spreading love is all we need

No I do not want to worry

Because worrying makes the soul unhappy.

Just be yourself, love will come to you.