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5 Image Quotes to Motivate

Hello Everyone, πŸ™‚


I often find myself wanting to motivate myself to keep on going everyday on accomplishing my goals. But I am honestly not perfect and tend to fall into a slump of laziness. Whenever I feel like that I always like to go online and look at picture quotes, and just reading the quote and looking at the picture helps me get back to being motivated in a positive way. I always try to save picture quotes that I find online, that I like and save them for later viewing and reflecting. I hope you find these quotes motivating as I do as well. I know that this July is going to be full of new challenges and adventures for me. I like to keep picture quotes by my side whenever I feel stuck, unmotivated, or feeling doubtful about something I want to do.


A Mother’s Day Poem

Hello Everyone πŸ™‚


My Mom’s birthday was on May 10th which falls on the Mexican Mother’s Day holiday, so it was a special day to celebrate not only my Mom’s birthday, but also how much she means the world to me and my siblings. In honor of U.S. Mother’s Day coming up on the 14th here is a Mother’s Day poem that I want to share with you guys.

My Mother’s hands may be worn out

from all of the everyday work that she does,

from cooking, cleaning, to working full-time;

still her hands never cease to loose the warmth

of a comforting Mother’s touch.

Her hands have comforted every fever,

every sadness, and every tough time

I have gone through in my life.

Her words of wisdom and guidance

give me the hope and strength that

I need to keep on going.

No matter how many times I fall

she will always be there for me to

with her hands wide open to fill me

with comfort, and her never-ending love.


What Music Means to Me

Every song means life, passion, love, and stories told in lyrics.
What is life without music?
The banning of music would mean the banning of all it’s beauty and joy.
Music is my ears best friend.
It has comforted me through my darkest days.
Songs lyrics give me something to believe in, to give me hope and faith in a world that has no light of hope I just put on my headphones and play the music that feeds my soul, that reminds me always to keep on going in spite of the challenges in front of me.
I have a million favorite songs that play inside my head day and night they keep me company whenever I feel lonely and scared.
Spreading a good song is like spreading positivity into the world.
As an introvert it let’s me express myself when no one is willing to listen to me. It gives me a chance let myself be free and to get rid of anything that is bothering me inside. 

Some drawings from my sketch book

I enjoyed reading your personal thoughts and feelings, expressing myself through writing has always helped me.




/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/7dc/81370765/files/2014/12/img_2871-0.jpg The first drawing was inspired while reading a book my Grandad gave me on the history of Ireland. I came across a picture of a tiny cottage in the middle of no where and I thought I would love to be there right now – alone with my thoughts for a while. I think it’s important to be alone from time to time so that you can get to know and understand yourself – everything can become clearer when you can think clearly without distractions.

I was feeling quite overwhelmed at the time of these drawings, especially the second one – sensory overload.

The third drawing was inspired by wanting to break free, to break away from constraints, from those things in everyday life which can sometimes weigh you down if you let them. Also how I was longing to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city…

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The Secret Book: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Ally could not contain her patience as she sneaked an old notebook that she had found in the attic of her grandparents house.

She opened it to discover it blank but its pages were in great condition still.

“Great what good is this notebook if it does not have any words.” She took a pen out from her desk drawer and wrote:

Dear Diary,

I know you are a really old journal from hundreds of years ago and you have been empty, I will write to you as a secret book just like Secret Alice does.


Ally πŸ™‚