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How I spent New Years Eve 2015

Hello Everyone :-)!

It’s officially 2015 and this also means that it is the second day of 2015 which means I am still on my reflection mode.

A year has gone
A year has come
It is a year of hopes
A year to make new mistakes
And to learn from them.

December 31 was full of anticipation, waiting for what will be in store for us.
My parents coming and going
Their hands carrying a suitcase,
A ritual to welcome the new year.
Like all other years, they all believe this year will be different,
This year will be better
Their smiles, huge and heartwarming bring a renewed sence of belief and motivation.
Inside I am shaking, not with horror but with excitement and happiness as we all give cheers to each other and eat the twelve grapes.

Each grape represents all of the twelve months of this new year.
As I make a wish first before eating a grape one by one, I wonder: does this ritual work?
I have always wondered, yes or no, I dont need to find the answer
Everyone doing it with confidence and hope, makes me realize that all you have to do is believe.


My sister, Andrea, my Mom, and me enjoying New Years Eve 2015 :-).




The balloons that we pop at the end of the countdown to welcome the new year, our house gets really loud 🙂

My Mom preparing the candles, the 12 grapes, and to give cheers for this new year.
Ready to welcome the new year 🙂