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I Heart Taylor Swift’s 1989 Album

Hello Everyone:)!

I love Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 I have been listening to her album non-stop:) That says how much I am a Swiftie:) Ever since I heard her latest single off of the album, “Shake It Off” has become my anthem song for shaking all of the negative comments that others around me say about me. This is a song that I wish I could of heard when I was a pre-teen in middle school and a teenager in high school because then I would of not gave much importance on what others said or thought about me. Listening to this song reminded me back of the days when I would feel insecure and self-conscious about myself and my image. Letting all of those negative comments seep inside me really created this fear inside of me that would not let me try new things that I wanted to do, on other words I would form doubts inside my head, doubts and fears that would not let me be the person who I really wanted to be.

Upon discovering Taylor Swift’s music, I have come to grow closer to music as a positive therapy and has nurtured in me a love for country music because before I knew about Taylor Swift I did not like Country music a lot because I thought that country music was only for old people. Now I totally respect and appreciate country music and even have some favorite country music artists like: The Band Perry, Kenny Chesney, Danielle Bradberry, Hunter Hayes, and others that would take time to name.

Whenever I hear her previous albums and now hearing “1989” they are like listening to songs with each a story behind each one of them, and it almost makes me want to write a story about each of her songs, but for that I would have to think really carefully how each story would go. But it would be fun to write a story based on her songs:) All of her songs are so full of power and meaning that it is no wonder her albums have sold millions of copies worldwide.

A picture of one of Taylor's lyrics that she shared on online.
A picture of one of Taylor’s lyrics that she shared on online.

“These songs were once about my life. They are now about yours.”

-Taylor Swift (forward section of her 1989 album)

Reading that quote really helped me realize that she is right, all these songs she writes and creates are the precious gifts of words emotions that she likes to share with all of us because she believes that everyone else can relate to each song. These songs are about life and about learning from our mistakes and just embracing the changes happening to us in a positive way. This album mainly means to embrace who you truly are and to shake off negativity around you, to not let it get to you.

I like all of her songs but my most favorite are:

1. Welcome to New York

2. Blank Space

3. Bad Blood

4. Shake It Off

5. I Know Places

Some pictures of her 1989 album:

Album Track list
Album Track list
Her album cover:) I actually like how she did her album artwork, it’s really great:)
Her Forward letter about her album. I always look forward to reading her album letters because she always makes them meaningful and inspiring:)

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