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The Mystery is Out: Witches were Able to Fly

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I completely love Halloween and everything that has to do with this great October holiday. I love the idea of dressing up in a cool and fun costume, going trick-or-treating, watching scary movies and listening to Halloween music are my most favorite things to do on that holiday.

I always like to get into the spirit of Halloween much earlier than others probably, like in August I start thinking about Halloween and what I want to dress up as (I am still thinking).

Have you ever thought how witches can fly? I have and coming across an article about how witches fly really made me understand how witches were able to fly.


Flying Ointment: The Witches best Friend.

Legend mentions that witches used herbs with psychoactive properties like henbane in their potions, or also known as “flying ointments.”

One of Ireland’s earliest accused witches was Lady Alice Kyteler, she was condemned to death for having used sorcery to kill her husband in 1324. Kyteler’s maid, instead was burned at the stake after authorities found out she had escaped.


One of the authorities who searched Kyteler’s house tells an account of what he found:

“In rifleing the closet of the ladie, they found a pipe of ointment wherewith she greased her staffe, upon which she ambled and galloped through thick and thin.”


Alice Kyteler

Another 15th century manuscript by Theologian Jordanes de Bergamo in 1470 writes:

“Witches on certain days and nights they anoint a staff and ride on it to the appointed place or anoint themselves under the arms and in other hairy places.”


Can Witches Really Fly?

Besides the early 15th and 16th century depictions of witches flying on brooms, Europe also shows witches flying on other objects like: stools, cupboards, wardrobes and two-pronged cooking forks.

” It’s not their own bodies propelling them, the explanation in theological handbooks is that they are being supported by demons and devils that are holding them.”