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My Earliest Memory

I have a lot of early memories growing up as a little girl in Mexico with my two Aunts and grandparents. And also really great memories of growing up in California.
One of the earliest memories that I have is when I was in second grade in Mexico, I remember my Aunt Carmen taking me and my twin sister Jennifer to this place where we kids were taught how to meditate and we also did other fun activities as well. One day we cooked our own homemade pizza, which to me was a really great experience because I got to choose the toppings that I wanted to put on my own pizza. The experience was amazing and also helped cultivate my creative side which now as a 24 year-old try everyday to keep and not forget.
As we grow older we tend to stray away from our imagination and creativity because we may think that it is childish, in truth it is not. Using our imagination and creativity helps us create new things we never thought we could create. As a writer, I am letting my imagination and creativity come through in my writing.
Remembering my earliest memories often makes me feel nostalgic and makes me feel also that I am growing up too fast, and wish I could reverse time back to when I was a little girl. But these memories that I have stored in my mind will always be with me no matter how much time passes by, or how much I have grown or changed. Remembering my childhood memories just makes me feel happy inside.
image A picture of me and my twin sister when we were probably seven.


What Matters Most

Hello Everyone:)!

To have loving relationships in life is important because God is love. For me, it has been tough having a loving and healthy relationship with my Step-Dad. I remember the times that I would argue with him and fight with him. Most of the time I would think that he did not really love me and my twin sister the way he would with my other siblings.
Whenever I did something wrong that would make him angry at me he would just talk to me in a mean tone of voice, and just ignore me for days or weeks.
And during those times that he would ignore me I would feel like it was my fault that he did not love me anymore like a daughter. My relationship with him has been complicated that it was like a vicious cycle were he would talk to me and then he would not, then back and forth always; it never changes.
I know he wants what is best for me and sometimes tries his best to be a great Step-Father to me and my twin sister but like in a saying: “no family is perfect, every family is dysfunctional in many ways.” I used to think that there was such a thing as perfect families where there is no problem with each other. It is normal to have an imperfect dysfunctional family, it has taken me so long to accept my Step-Dad that I am still struggling with having a healthy relationship with him.
I ask myself often, how can I have a healthy relationship with him? What can I start doing to have the same loving relationship that I have with my Mom?

How I spent New Years Eve 2015

Hello Everyone :-)!

It’s officially 2015 and this also means that it is the second day of 2015 which means I am still on my reflection mode.

A year has gone
A year has come
It is a year of hopes
A year to make new mistakes
And to learn from them.

December 31 was full of anticipation, waiting for what will be in store for us.
My parents coming and going
Their hands carrying a suitcase,
A ritual to welcome the new year.
Like all other years, they all believe this year will be different,
This year will be better
Their smiles, huge and heartwarming bring a renewed sence of belief and motivation.
Inside I am shaking, not with horror but with excitement and happiness as we all give cheers to each other and eat the twelve grapes.

Each grape represents all of the twelve months of this new year.
As I make a wish first before eating a grape one by one, I wonder: does this ritual work?
I have always wondered, yes or no, I dont need to find the answer
Everyone doing it with confidence and hope, makes me realize that all you have to do is believe.


My sister, Andrea, my Mom, and me enjoying New Years Eve 2015 :-).




The balloons that we pop at the end of the countdown to welcome the new year, our house gets really loud 🙂

My Mom preparing the candles, the 12 grapes, and to give cheers for this new year.
Ready to welcome the new year 🙂

December 23, 2014

Hello Everyone :-)!

December 23 was such a great and awesome day 🙂 I cannot stop thinking about how motivating and wonderful it was to reunite with an old friend and spend time with Jesus Christ. I am so glad I decided to go visit my friend Mayra’s Christian church that is in Chino, California. I met Mayra’s whole family, they are all involved in the

church that they go to that it even inspired me to go back to volunteering as a lector in my church, St. Angela Merici.

The kids that go to the church did really great Christmas performances both in dancing and singing. There was also a twenty-two year-old young men who sings Christian music, his name is Alvinson, he only sang in Spanish so I was able to understand and enjoy the music he was playing 🙂 Christian music always gets me in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

The food was awesome, but all in all what really mattered was that I got to spend it with my friend Mayra, Jesus Christ, and meet some new friends.

My Own Opinion: How Cheating Affects Relationships

Hello Everyone:)!

I am going to start posting articles I write on Hubpages here as well as my other social websites. You are welcome to comment and share with others the articles. I want to know what you think about the topics that I write. So hope you enjoy reading them as much as I like writing and researching about these topics.

My Own Opinion on Relationship Cheating

I have not experienced cheating before because I have not been in a relationship yet, I hope I do not have to experience this situation in my own life because eventhough I have not experienced it, I at least have seen other people suffer in a relationship because either the wife or husband cheated to the other person. It is not something that I like to see happen to other people, and less if that ever happened to my parents.

I decided to share with you my own personal opinion about this deep emotional topic and share some advice and helpful information that you can refer to back if you or someone else you know is going through this type of problem, it is important to seek help from a marriage counselor.

1. Dishonest, Talk it Over

Cheating in a relationship can affect both people in a negative way especially if one of them has been dishonest throughout the whole relationship. Words hurt even more as well as the actions.

Advice: It is important to say the truth and that both people in a relationship are able to confide in each other in a positive way. If two people in a relationship do not have that type of communication and just keep on lying, or keeping things away from each other than the relationship is not going to work.

  • For starters, instead of arguing and fighting, why not try to take a few deep breaths, calm yourself and your partner, and talk the problem over in an appropriate way. Find out together what is it that is making your relationship worse, usually when you and your partner talk over your feelings and problems, it can be helpful in finding ways to solve the problem, and will maybe help your relationship grow.

Speaking right in a relationship is the foundation for solving relationship problems.

Statistics on Cheating in Relationships

These statistics on infidelity taken from: Statistic explain the percentage of infidelity problems that have affected couples.

  • 41% of relationships were both couples have admitted to cheating in the relationship, either physical or emotional.
  • 57% of men who have admitted to cheating in a relationship they have had.
  • 54% of women who have admitted to cheating in a relationship they have had.

These following statistics show that the percentage for men who have cheated is high compared to women, who is fifty-four percent.


  • 74% of men who say they would have an affair with someone if they would never get caught.
  • 68% of women who say they would have an affair with someone if they would never get caught.

The same result is happening for men, showing their percentage to be higher than the percentage in women. This clearly shows that men are more likely to cheat someone in a relationship. I think that men are rebels when it comes to relationships, it is like they like to break relationship rules that bound couples together. On the other hand, women are more likely to be honest in a relationship and respect that person in their relationship.

2. It is True Love

I am not talking here in this section about true love in fairy tales, but in real life when a couple speak to each other like old friends then it is clear to see that the relationship they have is true love and nothing else.


  • If one of the people in a relationship does not truly have feelings for that other person then I believe it is just easier to admit the truth to that person. It is better for you to tell the truth instead of hurting that person in a negative way.

3. Loose Trust

Cheating also makes the other person in the relationship loose the trust that person had with you. Loosing trust from that significant other is not a good thing to go through because that person will not want to believe you anymore because they will never want to know if you truly learned your lesson, or not.

Advice: If you feel that you are cheating on someone and want to fix the problem before it gets worse, then I would suggest to seek help from a marriage counselor.

More statistic facts on relationship cheating.

4. It Affects Kids also

Yes, cheating involving a married couple with kids can significantly affect the kids as well. What happens in the family, affects the entire family as well. When a situation like this affects children in an emotional way it can be difficult to explain to them about a subject that is so confusing for them to understand. When parents do not take the time to talk to their kids about your relationship problem, it can make the kid feel like they are ignored.


Do not keep your kids out of the problem, what I am trying to say is do not hide this problem away from them because they might be young, but they are able to recognize when something in the family is not going right as it should be. Kids are part of the family also and they have a right to know also what is going on in the family. When explaining to them, talk to them about the problem in words they can understand, Let them help you in finding a solution to the relationship problem. Who knows maybe solving the problem together will help you as a family grow closer than ever in a positive way.

When a kid experiences parents fighting all the time it can create deep emotional problems to the child that can truly affect them in a negative way.


I do not have much knowledge on this deep emotional subject, but I at least know that it is just best in a relationship to be honest and just say the truth to that other significant person. If you do not truly love that person then why hurt that person by cheating?

The best and harmless way is to just tell that person how you feel, then that person will understand and no harm will be done.

It Is Christmas Again!:)

Hello Everyone!:)

It’s that wonderful time of year again!:) That year were we get to celebrate the joy of Christmas and gift-giving, it is also the time when we get to spend the most quality time with our families. I personally like Christmas not because of just giving and receiving presents, but also because I like to spend the time with my family, and forget about my sorrows for a while.

Many people get consumed by the need of buying presents and figuring out the recipes for a great Christmas dinner and what we are going to wear for that special Christmas Eve or Christmas Day party, really those things matter, but what really matters is that we have our family close together for the holidays.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!:)

My Mom’s Childhood Story

Hello Everyone :-)!

My parents are the rock and the huge support system in my life, and will always be no matter how old I get, or where I live. I love hearing stories about my parents childhood growing up in the 80’s.

The stories that really have always captivated me are my mom’s stories of her childhood, growing up in Mexico. She had a childhood full happy and sad times also. Being the daughter of only one parent (her dad) and having a step-mother who would ignore her was really tough for her.

Her mother died when my mom was just three years old so I can only imagine how sad it was for her not to remember her mother:(

There are several stories of my mom’s childhood that I can still remember well, the first is about her being left behind with her step-mother while her dear dad had to go on an important job trip, she was still a really young girl and the thought of not being with him for a week terrified her so much; my mom and her dad were really close. She ended up starving herself because she could not go on without her dad. Everyone in the neighborhood were really worried for her, even my Aunt Gloria, she could not bear to see her starving herself and feeling low all the time so she decided to call my mom’s dad, telling him to come back because her daughter would die of sadness and starvation if he did not come back for her.


Hearing this story from my mom’s own voice made me realize how much she loved her dad, their love for each other was so strong that her dad would not dare leave her daughter alone starving and sad.

I wish my mom had pictures of herself when she was a little girl but for some unknown reason she does not.