You are Unique

Hello Everyone ☺

You are unique dont let other people change you for who you are not. They might think that you have to change, but you know yourself better than anyone else, and you dont need to change.

Erase all of those negative comments that do not let you be yourself. It might be easier said than done, but trust me with time it does work. I have struggled to not let other people’s negative comments get the best of me. Often when i would hear someone tell me something negative about me, i would think that they were right and so i would take their negative comments seriously and just let it hurt me emotionally. I think that is why i was always a really shy girl, eversince i can remember. 

I am still struggling in accepting my uniqueness, and opening myself up to meeting new people without fear of what they will think, or say about me. I want to open myself up to new and exciting opportunities that life brings me.


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