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My Top 5 Favorite Movies Right Now

1. The Anne of Green Gables Sequel 

I like the 1985 version of Anne of Green Gables series. I feel like they are more close to the classic novels by L. M.  Montgomery. Sullivan the director of these three beautiful movies did an amazing job at choosing actors that could portray the novel’s characters so well. He did an awesome job in making the novels come to life in a meaningful way. 

2. October Sky

I love this 1999 movie because it is really inspirational and motivating.  I remember I first saw it when I was a junior in high school,  my U. S History teacher showed it to us one during class,  and I will never forget how much it motivated me to keep on working towards my own dreams and goals.  It also reminded me of the struggles and challenges I have gone through and still go through in my life right now. 

3. Mean Girls

I like this 2004 movie,  not only because it is a funny movie about teenage life in high school,  but also because it portrays in a meaningful and humorous way how teenage girls would go far to be popular in high school,  and also it touches on the subject of bullying and how it can affect everyone,  even teachers. 

4. 500 Days of Summer 

This 2009 movie I like how it portrays how love really is in reality.  Finding true love does not always happen by first sight,  or does not always end like in the fairy-tale stories.  Sometimes love comes to us in unexpected ways. 

5. The Perks of Being A Wallflower 

This 2012 movie really is one of the most moving and realistic movies that I have seen so far that really hits my heart so much,  and makes me emotional in so many good ways.  It really makes me think a lot about life,  love,  relationships,  and accomplishing good things in life despite what happened to us in the past.  Logan Lerman did a really great job in portraying Charlie,  who is a wallflower from the start,  but he becomes friends with two free-spirited high school Seniors who show him the way,  and the ropes of what high school is all about in a fun and meaningful way.  This is a movie that I really would not stop watching because it shows the main character’s struggle with his personal life,  and coping with the loss of his Aunt. 


My First Flight

Hello Everyone,  🙂

My first flight was amazing it was was unlike being in an airplane where you know where you are going,  you know your destination.  

This type if flight is more than amazing,  it is enchanting;  it is what I always dreamed it would be.  I feel the cool breeze touch my curly wild hair not wanting to tame it,  it moves wildly with the dancing of the wind.  My heart beats wildly with unknown anticipation at where I will end up visiting.  

It is my one adventure that I will never forget.  I wildness inside me as it makes me realize that this flight is changing me in so many ways;  it is helping me grow as I spread my wings high in the clouds of dreams and magic.  I used to be afraid of flying on my own,  and spreading my wings into the unknown,  but with the help of dear friends and family,  I have learned to see the beauty of flying and to explore the unknown. 

Life Changes

Hello Everyone, 

I have been super busy with work that I just come home really tired to even post something meaningful on my blog. Today I have the opportunity to finally post something. 

Life moves me like a rollercoaster up and down, making me feel like life is not how I expected it to be when I was younger. When I was younger life seemed so simple and easy that it felt like if nothing in this world could hurt me. As I grew older, it got complicated every time. I was afraid more often and anxious, shy, and nervous all the time. I was also less self-confident in myself. 

 Today that I am 25 and almost turning 26, I look back often into my past while growing up in Orange County and think to myself. I have gone through so much difficulties and challenges in my life that I feel like life is one big rollercoaster full of challenges. 

Every day I am learning to not to worry too much, to love myself as I truly am, and to embrace life’s challenges and difficulties in a positive way. 

Lately I have been liking sunflowers because they exude happiness, sunshine,and warmth all around. 🌻🌻🌻☮️🙂🙂🌻🌻🌻