Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Value of each Day

“Nothing is more highly to be prized than the value of each day.”

I read this quote in a book called “A Birthday Treasury and it speaks truth in this quote because in all honesty we sometimes or most of the time tend to forget how life is valuable to all of us in a meaningful way. We often see the pain that life can bring us which makes us not value life.
For me there we’re days where I would not value my life completely because of the challenges and problems that I was facing growing up as a teenager and now as a young adult. In my darkest days I would just feel like disappearing and not coming back because of the fears and doubts that I had inside of me that would not let me value my life in a positive way.
As the quote mentions it is important that no matter the struggles we face everyday; we value them as learning experiences because those learning experiences will make us value life in a meaningful and positive way.
Each day holds new adventures, challenges, and experiences to experience. Everything we see, hear, say, feel, and people we meet makes our life valuable.


What Music Means to Me

Every song means life, passion, love, and stories told in lyrics.
What is life without music?
The banning of music would mean the banning of all it’s beauty and joy.
Music is my ears best friend.
It has comforted me through my darkest days.
Songs lyrics give me something to believe in, to give me hope and faith in a world that has no light of hope I just put on my headphones and play the music that feeds my soul, that reminds me always to keep on going in spite of the challenges in front of me.
I have a million favorite songs that play inside my head day and night they keep me company whenever I feel lonely and scared.
Spreading a good song is like spreading positivity into the world.
As an introvert it let’s me express myself when no one is willing to listen to me. It gives me a chance let myself be free and to get rid of anything that is bothering me inside. 

What Freedom Means to Me

Hello Everyone,

When people hear of freedom, they think of the government creating new ways for people to be free. When i think of freedom i think of the rights and freedom that i have to go out and do what i want without being afraid or someone tell me, “oh you can’t do this or that.
Freedom to me is being able to choose what we want to do with our life. I want to do alot of things in my life because honestly i am still young, so being able to have the freedom to plan out what goals i want to make happen is a freedom i am grateful for having.
We may not have the freedom to choose who we love in our family, but we can certainly have the freedom choose  to love someone outside our family.
To me having freedom is essential because it helps us grow and learn more about ourselves, and also helps us experience life in a meaningful way.
It saddens me to hear that in other countries around the world, people are restricted of the basic human rights and freedoms that we all need in order to grow as a person.