My Earliest Memory

I have a lot of early memories growing up as a little girl in Mexico with my two Aunts and grandparents. And also really great memories of growing up in California.
One of the earliest memories that I have is when I was in second grade in Mexico, I remember my Aunt Carmen taking me and my twin sister Jennifer to this place where we kids were taught how to meditate and we also did other fun activities as well. One day we cooked our own homemade pizza, which to me was a really great experience because I got to choose the toppings that I wanted to put on my own pizza. The experience was amazing and also helped cultivate my creative side which now as a 24 year-old try everyday to keep and not forget.
As we grow older we tend to stray away from our imagination and creativity because we may think that it is childish, in truth it is not. Using our imagination and creativity helps us create new things we never thought we could create. As a writer, I am letting my imagination and creativity come through in my writing.
Remembering my earliest memories often makes me feel nostalgic and makes me feel also that I am growing up too fast, and wish I could reverse time back to when I was a little girl. But these memories that I have stored in my mind will always be with me no matter how much time passes by, or how much I have grown or changed. Remembering my childhood memories just makes me feel happy inside.
image A picture of me and my twin sister when we were probably seven.


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