Monthly Archives: December 2015

Learning to Juggle

Hello Everyone😃

First let me say that i honestly have been so so so busy this year trying to find my own niche and my own place in this world that i wanted to disconnect myself from my blog for a while, probably there are many of you who think i have stopped posting in my blog, but i have not, its just i only needed some time to learn more about myself and the world around me.
I have lately been learning more about how life, love, and friendship works in this crazy world. It can be scary but exciting at the same time.
Right now I am learning to juggle my college online with my work, and on top of that I am always trying to make time to practice on my writing because my goal is to be a professional writer of children and young adult novels. I feel I can identify with children and teens in a deeper sense than anyone can imagine. Life is so much beautiful if we just take the time view it deeply.