Solving Problems

Hello Everyone:)

“A problem is never solved without a solution. Better sooner than later!”

I want to share with you guys this quote because it is clear and it is a quote that I can clearly relate to. It is easy to ignore our problems hoping they will disappear or somehow magically get solved by itself, but in reality this is not true.
In reality we have to face our own problems with our heads held high, I know that we are filled with fear, and doubt when it comes to solving our problems, in the end we will be glad we did.
I used to be the type of person who would ignore all my problems thinking that they were not going to affect me in any negative way, but sadly they did, I not only would hurt myself but my family as well especially my Mom.
It took me a while realize that in order to not be stuck in my problems for so long, I had to learn to find solutions no matter how big or small the problem was; in the end I would always be able to find a solution.


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