Welcoming New Perspectives into my Life

Hello Everyone:)

Growing up I have always found it easy to accept my own perspective on different things in life that happen around me, or that I see or hear. Having my own perspectives about my family, school, friends, work, love, life, and other people in general have always been my focus. I like having my own ideas and thoughts about these things, the difficult thing to do was accept other people’s viewpoints in a positive way.

I have come to realize that the only way I would be able to understand other people’s perspectives is if I get into their shoes. Seeing other possibilities besides my own, has helped me learn to grow and experience new things as well as meet new people that have become my friends. I am widening my perspective in life.


“Difference is in the nature of life. It is part of our moral universe.

Without difference life would become lifeless. So I reject the ideal

of total conformity, compulsory or complacent; the faith that is

swallowed like pills, whole and at once, with no questions asked.

I believe in helping ourselves and others to see the possibilities in

viewpoints other than one’s own; in encouraging the free interchange

of ideas; in welcoming fresh approaches to the problems of life; in

examination. Thus we can learn to grow together, to unite in our

common search for truth within a better and a happier world.”

(Adlai Stevenson)



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