Have you ever felt Invisible?

Hello Everyone :)!

Have you ever felt invisible?
I have, invisible is not able to be seen. I have felt invisible many times, feeling that you are invisible hurts when others do not want to reach out to you, and talk to you.
I try many times to take off this feeling of being invisible on the inside and outside. Somehow invisible does not want to leave me.
I know that feeling invisible is not okay, it is something that I should fight and destroy; it is difficult to ignore the idea of wanting to be invisible because it has helped me escape my most embarrassing moments.

“I wish I could be invisible, I wish I could escape my day-to-day problems, but I know that is not possible. Being invisible is just a fantasy that we all wish we had.”


“I’ve rather drown, and be invisible than try to please you by being someone I really am not.”

“I used to be the girl that nobody noticed. Until you magically showed up, and somehow it scares me so much that you are trying to notice me.”


5 thoughts on “Have you ever felt Invisible?

  1. In the past I fantasized of being invisible in order to do many things that one can do by being invisible including annoying certain people… If you don’t want to be invisible you have to reach out to people because most people will not open themselves to you. But some will and those are worth to cultivate as friends. I find that the best way not to be invisible and be ignored is to smile at people and when talking to them to ask them many questions about theminstead of talking about oneself.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment and read my post. I agree with you, it has been tough to see people that I really want to meet not willing to open themselves more, and that makes it a challenge for me to have the guts to go up to that someone and talk to them. But people who are more open are easier for me to meet.


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