Monthly Archives: April 2015

Life Changes

Hello Everyone:)!

There are people that say that change is good

That change let’s us grow, let’s us discover who we are.

I want to believe that change is good

That change is something that I need to become a better person,

but change right now seems to me so big of a thing to carry right now,

I feel change is coming to me so fast, so unexpectedly

I don’t want to take change,but I have to.

Change is coming

I can feel it in my bones

Everywhere around me is changing

so fast, so soon will I feel different

So soon will change come to me

I cannot run away from it

I have to accept change into my life.



‘Peace be with You’: Believing in Jesus

Hello Everyone:)!

Sorry if I have not posted anything but these past few days have been full of reflection, and being busy that I did not have time to post anything, or there are days when something worth posting has hit me to post about it.
Last Sunday was Easter Sunday and it was such a great and joyful experience seeing many people come to Sunday Mass at St. Angela Merici, mostly because of course it was Easter and many people go to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I enjoyed listening during Mass the beautiful music and the bible story of how Jesus resurrected on the third day. 


This Sunday, was the second Sunday of Easter which means that its again another day of celebrating our Savior Jesus Christ and how great it is to believe in Him when we have been doubting, or not believing in Him. The Bible story of today’s Mass, is about Thomas one of the disciples who did not believe that Jesus Christ was back and that the rest of the other disciples had seen Him, and believed He was back. It was not until later that Thomas saw Jesus, and invited Thomas to prove his wounds; that in so Thomas upon touching Jesus and seeing his wounds that he believed it was really Jesus Christ himself who came back.


When I read this bible story today, it was a story I could relate to because of the many times I had shut down Jesus Christ from my life, there were times when I would not believe that Jesus was with me, watching over me; I would especially feel like that whenever I had a really tough dark moment or day. Believing that Jesus Christ loves me and is always with me during those dark times was, and still is at times a challenge for me.


I am learning to believe everyday that Jesus Christ does love so much, and that he is always with me no matter how many times I doubt him; just like Thomas was doubting at first.

“The victory is for those who believe that Sunday is always on the way!”



Spring flowers

Hello Everyone:)!

Spring flowers come out
The sun is out
Don’t know why I am not sunny like the sun that shines bright above me.

I tell myself that everything will be fine, that life is not a huge mess
Spring flowers I see, help me believe that life is not so bad
They are beautiful, life is beautiful.

The blue sky is clear of problems
Wish my problems were clear of problems, but they are not.
My life will always be filled with cloudy and clear days.

So I look at the Spring flowers
Looking for peace of mind,
The happiness that I dream of.
May seem miles away from me,
impossible to reach, but I will not give up.


Have you ever felt Invisible?

Hello Everyone :)!

Have you ever felt invisible?
I have, invisible is not able to be seen. I have felt invisible many times, feeling that you are invisible hurts when others do not want to reach out to you, and talk to you.
I try many times to take off this feeling of being invisible on the inside and outside. Somehow invisible does not want to leave me.
I know that feeling invisible is not okay, it is something that I should fight and destroy; it is difficult to ignore the idea of wanting to be invisible because it has helped me escape my most embarrassing moments.

“I wish I could be invisible, I wish I could escape my day-to-day problems, but I know that is not possible. Being invisible is just a fantasy that we all wish we had.”


“I’ve rather drown, and be invisible than try to please you by being someone I really am not.”

“I used to be the girl that nobody noticed. Until you magically showed up, and somehow it scares me so much that you are trying to notice me.”