What Matters Most

Hello Everyone:)!

To have loving relationships in life is important because God is love. For me, it has been tough having a loving and healthy relationship with my Step-Dad. I remember the times that I would argue with him and fight with him. Most of the time I would think that he did not really love me and my twin sister the way he would with my other siblings.
Whenever I did something wrong that would make him angry at me he would just talk to me in a mean tone of voice, and just ignore me for days or weeks.
And during those times that he would ignore me I would feel like it was my fault that he did not love me anymore like a daughter. My relationship with him has been complicated that it was like a vicious cycle were he would talk to me and then he would not, then back and forth always; it never changes.
I know he wants what is best for me and sometimes tries his best to be a great Step-Father to me and my twin sister but like in a saying: “no family is perfect, every family is dysfunctional in many ways.” I used to think that there was such a thing as perfect families where there is no problem with each other. It is normal to have an imperfect dysfunctional family, it has taken me so long to accept my Step-Dad that I am still struggling with having a healthy relationship with him.
I ask myself often, how can I have a healthy relationship with him? What can I start doing to have the same loving relationship that I have with my Mom?


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