Hello Everyone:)!

It is interesting and crazy to know that our life can change so quickly from being good to bad, or from being bad to good. Our life is made up of choices that we make and can drastically alter or change our life for the good or bad.
For me making choices is not an easy thing for me to do, sometimes I do not like change because it makes me feel weird, lost, and out of place from the familiar things I used to know, or the people I used to see everyday. Accepting change is something that I am still working on and not fretting it.
These past few days have made me realize that changes have made me see what I need to improve on more. Changes happen for a reason, the hardest part is accepting those changes.

Suddenly change comes to me
Knocking at my door is the
Ever changing friend waiting for me to come to him.
He always comes pleading me
Taking me away,
But I always say no
I always escape.



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