Kisai’s Return and the Magic Portal

The hard knocks on the door startled Kaillee as she was absorbed in her English Composition Essay.

“Who could it be at this hour?” She thought concerned as she found on her cellphone to be 10:00 pm. She looked out the window first, to see who it was before opening the door.
To her surprise it was Kisai, the person who used to be her friend, but two years ago she left her mysteriously without even leaving a note or calling her on the phone to say goodbye.

She opened the door, and was about to spill out all of her bottled anger at her when Kisai shushed her by putting a hand over her mouth.

“Kaillee, you have to come help me its urgent. This mission depends on your families life.” She handed Kaillee a big shiny sword. “Here hold this for me.” A black light appeared on the grass ground, so big it scared the heck out of Kaillee.

“Grab a hold of my hand tightly!” Kisai exclaimed loudly to Kaillee.

Kaillee’s eyes widened with utter disbelief as she saw that the circle on the ground grew from small to big.

Kaillee did not know if to jump, or not it all seemed so unreal; the weird clothes that Kisai was wearing, the enchanting looking sword she was holding for Kisai, and this mysterious circle she had never seen before.

The cold night air chilled her to the bones, and the wind raged madly all over her as if there was a tornado.

Kisai was offering her hand to her once more. “Come on Kai, you have to trust me. Your family is in grave danger and if you do not do something about it they will be trapped in the maze of darkness forever!” Her face of urgency and desperation brought Kaillee to believe her somehow. Without another complaint she jumped into the cold black windy circle.

“Whoa!! How in the heck did you do that? She asked surprised and doubtful, still shocked  as they both landed into another world much different to Kaillee, but familiar to Kisai.



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