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What Matters Most

Hello Everyone:)!

To have loving relationships in life is important because God is love. For me, it has been tough having a loving and healthy relationship with my Step-Dad. I remember the times that I would argue with him and fight with him. Most of the time I would think that he did not really love me and my twin sister the way he would with my other siblings.
Whenever I did something wrong that would make him angry at me he would just talk to me in a mean tone of voice, and just ignore me for days or weeks.
And during those times that he would ignore me I would feel like it was my fault that he did not love me anymore like a daughter. My relationship with him has been complicated that it was like a vicious cycle were he would talk to me and then he would not, then back and forth always; it never changes.
I know he wants what is best for me and sometimes tries his best to be a great Step-Father to me and my twin sister but like in a saying: “no family is perfect, every family is dysfunctional in many ways.” I used to think that there was such a thing as perfect families where there is no problem with each other. It is normal to have an imperfect dysfunctional family, it has taken me so long to accept my Step-Dad that I am still struggling with having a healthy relationship with him.
I ask myself often, how can I have a healthy relationship with him? What can I start doing to have the same loving relationship that I have with my Mom?


International Day of Happiness: What Happiness is to Me :)

Hello Everyone:)!

Today is International Day of Happiness and I wanted to share with you what happiness is to me. To me happiness is waking up each day knowing that it is a new day with a fresh start, to forget about the troubles that would worry me to death the day before or the weeks before. Happiness is remembering all of the good and great times I have had with my family, friends, and school. Although I am twenty-three, I can still remember the happy memories I had when I was in elementary, middle school, and high school.

Happiness is doing something that you really love to do not just as a hobby, but also as a job everyday. To me what brings me happiness is writing poems and stories, and posting blog posts here on my blog whenever I can. I am majoring in Creative Writing because I want to share with other people my love for writing and reading. I want to teach and motivate others to see writing as a valuable way to express themselves; just like music, art, and dance let’s us express ourselves in a unique way, so is writing also. To me writing has helped me through my lonely times express myself in a way that it would be difficult for me to express to others around me.

My family always give me a reason to be happy in spite of the challenges and struggles that I have experienced, and still do. My Mom, twin sister, and my ten year-old sister always motivate me and make me smile during the tough times, they help me see that life is beautiful and not dark, lonely, and cold. I really do not have any friends, so I guess I can consider my family as friends right now.

The promise of joining Job Corps makes me happy right now because I have been struggling for a long time to get a job because I really want to support my parents, simply taking online college courses is not going to help my parents enough, so I decided to apply at Job Corps where young adults from 18 to 24 get career technical and education training in several technical careers, while at the same time getting benefits like allowance while getting career technical training, a dormitory to sleep in, three meals a day, and a chance to meet other young adults who are in Job Corps also. I believe that this program will help me develop the skills that I need to get a better career and job to be able to help my parents like they deserve. Hopefully they accept me:) all I can do right now is wait and hopefully I can get in because I really want to be at Job Corps.

Believing in God makes me happy because it helps me realize that He is always with me no matter what happens to me or where I go. It took me a long time to accept him, to learn more Him, and to open my eyes to him; to see that God is my friend and Savior. I know that there have been times were I ignore him, or think that he is not with me, but deep down inside I know that He loves me for who I am.

So what makes you happy? You are welcome to share in the comments section below, I would like to know more about what makes you happy everyday:) Hopefully you all have a happy weekend.



My Happy Video


Hello Everyone:)!

It is interesting and crazy to know that our life can change so quickly from being good to bad, or from being bad to good. Our life is made up of choices that we make and can drastically alter or change our life for the good or bad.
For me making choices is not an easy thing for me to do, sometimes I do not like change because it makes me feel weird, lost, and out of place from the familiar things I used to know, or the people I used to see everyday. Accepting change is something that I am still working on and not fretting it.
These past few days have made me realize that changes have made me see what I need to improve on more. Changes happen for a reason, the hardest part is accepting those changes.

Suddenly change comes to me
Knocking at my door is the
Ever changing friend waiting for me to come to him.
He always comes pleading me
Taking me away,
But I always say no
I always escape.


Seeds of Hope

Hello Everyone:)

Here in California it is so hot right now that I feel Spring almost coming, which it will. How will you guys spend your Spring break, or what plans do you have for this Spring? Me I am going to start working at Macy’s and focusing on my college courses; while also make time to have fun with my family and friends.
These few days have been gone so fast, but these days also gave me seeds of hope. This poem that I came up with in my mind, expresses how much these past few days have helped me gain renewed hope during tough challenges.

Seeds of hope
Come to me
Like rain pouring down
The gray cloudy sky
That once touching one
A flower magically sprouts and blooms in the cold brown earth ground.
Seeds of hope
Grow into flowers of hope
Oh! Those flowers of hope
Upon seeing them
Their colorful bright petals shine up at me
They tell me to look up high in the sky, and see nature’s beauty all around me for that is how the seeds of hope grow,
The flowers grow so tall
Hope abounds them.
Just like the seeds of hope
We too are filled with hope.




How to to create a religious group to share God’s love

Hello Everyone:)!

I want to share with you this topic about creating your own religious group, it is something that has helped me grow closer to God and Jesus Christ in a meaningful way that I never imagined would happen to me, but it did and I can truly say I am so blessed and happy to have joined a youth and young adult group in my local church. Anyone from any age and religion can create a religious group of their own where you and other members of the group can share and spread God’s love and bible teachings to others who might want to learn more about the bible, or Jesus. Creating a group like this, will help you grow closer to God and meet others who are far from Him, or are already faithful to Him, but want to spread his love to others who do not know Him yet as their savior, but are curious.

In Hebrew 10:25 it reads:

“Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

When everyone in a Christian group encourages each other no matter what age they are, where they are with their knowledge of God and the bible; it makes a positive difference in God and Jesus’s eyes when they see everyone helping each other out in a meaningful way.

As a group, make some time to pray together at the beginning and then at the end of each group session, doing this will make you feel like you just welcomed God and Jesus in your day, then as a farewell to God and Jesus at the end. Group praying will also strengthen and encourage each person in the group.
On the good days, thank God for all of the wonderful gifts he has given you; on the bad days, remind each of you of the great things God has done for us, to keep living for Him.

You can shine a light into other people around you.

Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.”
-1 Peter 2:12

A religious group definitely has helped me in a spiritual and motivating way to grow more in my Catholic faith. Before, I only knew that Jesus and God existed but was not fully close to my faith in them both.
I hope that this post sparks a little motivation to start one.
You simply can invite as many people as you want into your group and share your own life stories of your relationship with God and Jesus, do bible readings, discussing with each other a weekly bible passage, watch or listen motivational movies about Jesus and religious music. Create your own retreat group trips.

Kisai’s Return and the Magic Portal

The hard knocks on the door startled Kaillee as she was absorbed in her English Composition Essay.

“Who could it be at this hour?” She thought concerned as she found on her cellphone to be 10:00 pm. She looked out the window first, to see who it was before opening the door.
To her surprise it was Kisai, the person who used to be her friend, but two years ago she left her mysteriously without even leaving a note or calling her on the phone to say goodbye.

She opened the door, and was about to spill out all of her bottled anger at her when Kisai shushed her by putting a hand over her mouth.

“Kaillee, you have to come help me its urgent. This mission depends on your families life.” She handed Kaillee a big shiny sword. “Here hold this for me.” A black light appeared on the grass ground, so big it scared the heck out of Kaillee.

“Grab a hold of my hand tightly!” Kisai exclaimed loudly to Kaillee.

Kaillee’s eyes widened with utter disbelief as she saw that the circle on the ground grew from small to big.

Kaillee did not know if to jump, or not it all seemed so unreal; the weird clothes that Kisai was wearing, the enchanting looking sword she was holding for Kisai, and this mysterious circle she had never seen before.

The cold night air chilled her to the bones, and the wind raged madly all over her as if there was a tornado.

Kisai was offering her hand to her once more. “Come on Kai, you have to trust me. Your family is in grave danger and if you do not do something about it they will be trapped in the maze of darkness forever!” Her face of urgency and desperation brought Kaillee to believe her somehow. Without another complaint she jumped into the cold black windy circle.

“Whoa!! How in the heck did you do that? She asked surprised and doubtful, still shocked  as they both landed into another world much different to Kaillee, but familiar to Kisai.


The God of Fashion

Hello Everyone,

When we feel lonely, worried, or are facing our own problems in life, we tend to turn to materialistic things such as: money, clothes, sex, or other negative things that temporarily satisfy us, they make us feel better and help us forget about our problems for a while. It is time for us to seek Jesus when we feel lost and short on His faith; instead of looking at material things as our Gods to happiness. Learning to recognize Jesus as my savior was something that I learned the hard way because back then I did not know much about Jesus; I was not close to Him as my savior. I would worry a lot about trying to look good by wearing the latest fashion clothes, or only wanting to go to the mall to buy the greatest quality clothes that was kind of expensive. I often wanted to look at materialistic things as my saviors to happiness and false confidence.

The Fashion Idolatry Prayer:
“O fashion, O great redeemer
Save us from our misery
Heal our brokenness
Take away our loneliness
Extinguish our ugliness
Give us value and worth
That we may feel beautiful
And all our problems will disappear
You are our savior and god
And we will purchase you all of our days.”

-(Taken from

What is Idolatry?
Idolatry means putting more importance in something instead of focusing your whole heart in Jesus Christ as your savior everyday.

How God describes idolatry as:

My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.”
-Jeremiah 2:13

We all need God just like we all need the air to be able to breathe. God can give us what we need, only Him, no other thing can replace Him.

Is Fashion your God?

As you think about this, ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you trying to get something from fashion that only Jesus can give?

2. Are you using fashion to try and make yourself feel valuable? Or looking to the infinite value Jesus has given you?

3. Are you using fashion to take away your loneliness? Or looking for the love of Jesus?

“Fashion is a poor God. Jesus is infinitely better.”

Prayer to turn to Jesus:

“Jesus, O great Redeemer
Save us from our eternal misery.
Heal our brokenness
Take away our loneliness
Extinguish our ugliness
You give us value and worth
Now we are beautiful in your eyes
And all our sins will disappear
You are our savior and God
And we will worship you all of our days.”