Being Careful

Hello Everyone :)!

Being careful in life is not always easy. There are many temptations that keep us from being careful in life. We are not perfect humans and if we do not watch what we do, what we say, or what we think, then those actions, thoughts, and feelings we create inside of us can affect us in so many ways.

When we are young, we tend to often think that nothing will happen to us; that everything we do whether it is good or bad will not hurt us. Of course taking risks and being adventurous is always our goal in life but we also have to learn to see when it is safe and when it looks like we have crossed the line from being careful to facing danger.

My Mom has always been super protective of me ever since me and my twin sister were born so I sometimes know that she does not want me to be in danger. She is always making sure that I stay safe all the time and that I am always careful in everything I do. She was not always careful during her childhood and adolescence mainly because she lost her Mother when she was three years old so her need to take care of me and my siblings really is important to her. Being the youngest sibling in her family,ย the only family she had were: her Father, sisters and other relatives that would take care of her but nothing compared to the deep sincere love that she had for her Father. Her Father taught her how to take care of herself at a very young age. The knowledge of not having a Mother really made my Mom learn to be responsible and careful on her own as she grew throughout the years.



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