Real Love

Hello Everyone,

Real love is like real life.
There are no Prince Charming
In the real world.
As humans it is easy to fantasize, to believe that there are such things as fairytale love.
As we grow older, life`s experiences make us realize that there truly is no such things as fairytale love, it does not exist.
True real love happens when you least expect it.
As people in the 21st century, we have to wait for real true love to come to us, not chase after the perfect man or women  of our dreams.
It is time to embrace our single status and be happy within ourselves, to do whatever makes us happy.

To me Valentine’s Day is about not just about showing love to the people close to your heart, it is also a time to learn to love yourself more, no matter how many scars you have from the past. This February 14, is a time to erase all of the hate that we have inside of us for ourselves or someone else and just show love to yourself and to others.

Love is one of the greatest gifts in the planet, let’s not waste it.



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