Make more time to write

Hello Everyone :-)!

Hope you all had a great weekend:-) my weekend has been swell. I have been thinking about what would be some great ways to make time for writing. Everyday I am learning to balance my college online courses with freelance writing on Hubpages, then taking care of all my other responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, and helping my Mom around the house doing errands for her that often time it seems to me like there is not enough time in one day to take care of my writing.

These are the things I should do more to make enough time for writing:

1. Do the more important tasks first then focus on my writing.
2. Not get distracted too much (need to work more on this).

Those are mainly the two things I need to do to make more time.
What tips do you do for creating more writing time?

I will appreciate your helpful suggestions, thank you.


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