The Wind Woman

Hello Everyone :-)!

I just finished writing a poem for my Creative Writing course that I am taking at Southern New Hampshire University to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Fiction writing. I am liking the course and learning new writing skills. This week I am learning poetry and how imagery is used in poems to describe clearly a thing, place, or person. I want to share with you my poem, hope you like it. I like it when I feel great joy in sharing with you my writing creations because they mean to me a great deal 🙂 I am smiling on the inside.

The Wind Woman

The Wind Woman brings its nature’s gifts
Fresh air dancing all over
Covers me with its cool body
It envelopes itself on my face, arms, and legs as I walk.
Its cool air makes my skin turn silky soft.

I close my eyes and look up high into the sky
I call the air and it comes back again
It is as if the air can hear me.

The bright sun shines as gold coins
They fall down into me radiating warmth and happiness
The clear blue sea sky smiles down at me
Its beauty reminds me of happiness in small things.

Beauty in nature is never ending
Walking is all I need to appreciate the beautiful birds flying freely make me feel free as never before
The pain of everyday problems soon dissolves
As I greet the golden bright sun, the beautiful brown and amber-colored trees , and the cool air of The Wind Woman calm me.

My ideal bed is the cool grass ground
Laying down with my eyes closed magical places seep in my mind
Quietness and stillness of nature exist in that moment, it fills me up with abundant joy
The Wind Woman brings its nature’s gifts
I am not afraid.






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