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How I Unwind

Many problems racing in my mind
They are like dogs chasing cats
They will never go away.
Or so I think.
Until I look at the sun
Its warmth radiates joy
Renews my mind
The smiling sun looks up at me
Reassuring me that everything will be okay.

Life is not always what we wish it were or could be
It is always full of surprises,
Problems, mysteries
Life is a mystery that none of us will ever be able to solve.

The sun is how I unwind
Its warmth gives me the strength
The joy
The hope I need to keep going.
I will not stray from the sun
For it is my friend
My beacon of courage.



How to Stay Positive :)

Hello Everyone:)!

How is January going so far? For me it has been going great, I have been busy with my Creative Writing course that I am taking online from Southern New Hampshire University, writing articles on Hubpages, and keeping up with my blog here on WordPress:) I like to stay busy so I try to come up with ways to stay occupied in a positive way. There are days when I have felt negative and when I feel negative, I also feel like I do not want to do anything. I just want to stay in my bed and sleep with the blankets on my face and not worry about anything, but I know that I cannot be like that my whole life because I will not go anywhere, or achieve anything positive in my life, anything worthwhile.

Here are six helpful and smart ways to keep yourself positive:

1. Find positiveness when surrounded with negativeness. I always like to see the sun at the beginning of the day because then it reminds me to smile and it lets me know that I will have a great day no matter what happens or will happen during the day. If it is cloudy or raining, then I simply play some really happy, fun, and upbeat music that I can dance to.

Some songs that I am listening to right now:

1. Bean: “Let’s Go”

2. Taylor Swift: “Shake It Off”

3. GroupLove: “Ways to Go”

2. Surround Yourself with Positive People

This is something that I know I was lacking in my High School years and now that I am twenty-three years old, I put so much importance in this. I am always trying to meet new people who think like me, people who have their own dreams and goals that they want to achieve in their life. Before I had friends who would criticize me a’lot about myself and about what I wanted to do with my life that sometimes it got to the point where they would get negative with me. It took me a long time to change the way I thought and to not worry about what other people would say about me, or think about me. It is my life and I have the freedom to make my own positive decisions and choices. I believe that it is essential to be with positive people who will support your dreams and goals.

For me the most positive place to go to is my local Catholic church located in Brea, CA. I attend this Youth and Young Adult group that meets in St. Angela Merici every Thursday at seven in the evening to grow closer to God and to learn more about the Catholic religion, it is also a really fun motivational place where we are all friends and we all support each other in any way we can. I started going to the meetings in April 2013, the meetings truly have changed my life in a way that I never thought would happen to me. Attending church has helped me grow closer to God and Jesus Christ more than ever. I also made friends that had the same dreams and goals that I have. My second positive place has always been the library because of course, books have always been my true first friends:)



3. Take Things in your Life slowly, do not force yourself to do things quickly. Honestly it is not healthy to try to do things quickly just because you are afraid that you might not get to where you want to go. We are all conditioned to eat fast because at work we were trained that way, and so when we are eating at home we are not able to break that habit because it is something that we do everyday.

I try to enjoy things that i do or eat slowly and savor the moments slowly because then they will pass you by without you even noticing them they were there. Like Ferris Bueller said: “Life moves pretty quickly, if you don’t stop once in a while you might miss it.”


4. Do not Create a Mountain of Problems. Impulsive and anger can often cause us to create a small problem into a bigger problem, this can lead to more anger, and negativity coming to us. I have a history of doing this and let me tell you! it is not pleasant. The next time that you feel like this instead of making your next problem bigger, why not try to stop, take a few deep breaths, and refocus yourself. Ask yourself over what could be possible solutions for your problem, or better yet, you can talk it over with a friend. Friends can help you find a possible solution to your problem.


5. Do not let Fear hold you back. This is something that I have let happen to me before and do not want it to happen to me again. Everyday I hold on to positive thoughts because I know positive thoughts will help me get through the bad times I experience. If I want to learn something new, I will learn it because I want to. I am not going to lie to you, but there are still days when negativity tries to get to me, but once I remember a positive quote or a song with motivational lyrics then my thoughts and feelings change back from negative to positive. Usually if I get nervous trying something that means that I am conquering my fear, and that is something great!:)


6. Spread the Positivity. I may not have enough money to donate to a charity because I am not a millionaire, but when I can I try to help out in whatever way possible. I mostly like to help my parents right now because I know how tired they always come home from work, so them knowing that there is someone helping them, is a big difference for them because they do not have to worry about cooking something to eat, or cleaning the house. I like the satisfaction of helping others with just a simple smile and “Hello.”


My Top Three Favorite YouTube videos for January 2015

Hello Everyone:)!

I have a’lot of favorite videos that I have watched on YouTube, when I come across a totally favorite video, I share it on Facebook. Here are my top three that I have recently watched this month. Some are funny and some are truly motivational and inspiring. I always like going to YouTube to watch videos that can motivate me and inspire me to not give up, and to keep trying no matter what.

1. The Teens React videos from TheFineBros.

I have seen several of the TheFineBros. videos, they always do a great job of creating videos where different people from different ages react and voice their own opinions about a wide variety of topics in popular culture, fashion, and main events that have happened around the world.

My favorite video is Teens react to 80’s Fashion, I enjoyed watching this video because it is about 80’s fashion and even though I was not born in that era yet (I was born in 1991), I kind of know what fashion trends were popular in the 80’s through my Mom, she was a teenager in the 80’s so she sometimes shares with me and my siblings some of the fashion trends that she would use. I remember she told me that she would wear leg warmers a’lot, tights, and long sweaters. I learned about other fashion trends that were popular in the 80’s just by watching this video, I thought it was weird that women used to use shoulder pads to make them look powerful in the professional workplace. I now know the reason why females used them, I would use them also if I was an adult in 80’s. They also mention fanny packs and bright neon colors in fashion were used often in the 80’s.

2. A Letter to My Younger Self by Jennxpenn

I literally made this video my daily motivational video :). I like to watch motivational videos that other people do because to me it means that they really care about other people and want to share their personal wisdom with others. It is a video that teenagers can relate to, and adults can relate to also as well. It is a video with a message in it, it reminds us all that we can achieve our dreams if we do not stop dreaming, we can create, and inspire others. We can all do great things in our life, we just have to start by believing that we can and we will.

3. Taylor Swift’s Gift Giving of 2014

Completely love what Taylor Swift did for her fans, she truly is someone special that cares about her fans. I can truly say I have been a fan of her ever since she released her first album in 2006, and have all of her albums. But this special thing that she did for her fans is truly beyond words I cannot describe. I have never heard of a music artist do something like this for their fans, so watching this video that she posted on her YouTube channel really made me appreciate and respect her, not only as an artist but also as a generous person who likes to give to others and who will do anything for her fans because she does not take them for granted; they are her best friends also.

My Ten favorite Quotes for January 2015

Hello Everyone :-)!

Here are my ten favorite quotes for this month that I want to share with you. Hope they serve as motivation like they do for me.

1. Laughing in Adversity:
“Laughing does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.”    -George Bernard Shaw


We all want solutions to our problems quickly, but in truth our problems no matter how big or small they are, laughing will help us cope during our toughest times, it will make our problems less scary to bear.

2. Talking instead of Doing:
“A meowing cat catches no mice.”
-Yiddish Proverb

I will make sure that I am actually doing things, not just talking about doing them. This is something I need to work on since sometimes I have the tendency to talk to others about my plans, but it takes me a long time to make them happen, or they do not.


3. Embrace Quietness:
“Never be afraid to sit awhile and think.” -Lorraine Hansbury

Quiet is a luxury that costs me nothing. I can take a few moments each day to simply sit and think, without the need of any foreground or background noise. I like to feel the beauty of quietness around me. I like to go on a quiet and lonely place, just lay down, close my eyes and relax.


4. Spiritual Happiness:
“I never thought that a’lot of money or fine clothes-the finer things of life-would make you happy. My concept of happiness is to be filled in a spiritual sense.”
        -Coretta Scott King
I like my clothes and money is nice. But I want to recognize and encourage my spiritual side. This may mean attending a place of worship, or it may mean setting aside a few moments to reflect on your life.


5. Dancing Everyday:
“Everyday brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance.” 
         -Oprah Winfrey
Dancing is what brings a smile on my feet, and on my face. Dance by yourself or better yet, dance with someone else. I might not be a professional dancer, but life is too short to worry about how silly you look, embrace silliness for a while.



6. Hope is Priceless:
“Hope costs nothing.”
I have come to realize through my own challenges and tribulations, that it is important to have enormous amount of hope. Right now more than ever, as we grow older each day and life gets tough, we all have to keep holding on to hope tightly. All the goals we want to achieve have to be done with hope.


7. Self-Reliance is doing things on our own:
“Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.”
          -Henry Ford
Doing things on our own, instead of letting others do them. It is more satisfying when we do certain things that we know we can do, on our own.



8. Discover New Landscapes:
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
           -Marcel Proust
Try to see the city that you live in with brand new eyes. Everyday we take many things for granted, that we often do not see our surroundings or discover new places that our city has to offer. For fun, pretend you are a tourist, what would be interesting to see that you often take for granted.


9. Interests vs. Beliefs:
“One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interests.”
          -John Stuart Mill
When you have a strong belief and interest in something, you will do anything to make your goal happen no matter what other people tell you, or how much of a minority you are. Your willingness to go for it may serve as inspiration to others around you. Anything is possible if we truly believe.



10. Finding Inspiration:
“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”
             -Jack London
As a writer, I am learning to not wait until inspiration strikes to me to actually write a story, poem, or article. It is important to seek inspiration while writing. Lacking inspiration is never the answer.


The Wind Woman

Hello Everyone :-)!

I just finished writing a poem for my Creative Writing course that I am taking at Southern New Hampshire University to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Fiction writing. I am liking the course and learning new writing skills. This week I am learning poetry and how imagery is used in poems to describe clearly a thing, place, or person. I want to share with you my poem, hope you like it. I like it when I feel great joy in sharing with you my writing creations because they mean to me a great deal 🙂 I am smiling on the inside.

The Wind Woman

The Wind Woman brings its nature’s gifts
Fresh air dancing all over
Covers me with its cool body
It envelopes itself on my face, arms, and legs as I walk.
Its cool air makes my skin turn silky soft.

I close my eyes and look up high into the sky
I call the air and it comes back again
It is as if the air can hear me.

The bright sun shines as gold coins
They fall down into me radiating warmth and happiness
The clear blue sea sky smiles down at me
Its beauty reminds me of happiness in small things.

Beauty in nature is never ending
Walking is all I need to appreciate the beautiful birds flying freely make me feel free as never before
The pain of everyday problems soon dissolves
As I greet the golden bright sun, the beautiful brown and amber-colored trees , and the cool air of The Wind Woman calm me.

My ideal bed is the cool grass ground
Laying down with my eyes closed magical places seep in my mind
Quietness and stillness of nature exist in that moment, it fills me up with abundant joy
The Wind Woman brings its nature’s gifts
I am not afraid.





How I spent New Years Eve 2015

Hello Everyone :-)!

It’s officially 2015 and this also means that it is the second day of 2015 which means I am still on my reflection mode.

A year has gone
A year has come
It is a year of hopes
A year to make new mistakes
And to learn from them.

December 31 was full of anticipation, waiting for what will be in store for us.
My parents coming and going
Their hands carrying a suitcase,
A ritual to welcome the new year.
Like all other years, they all believe this year will be different,
This year will be better
Their smiles, huge and heartwarming bring a renewed sence of belief and motivation.
Inside I am shaking, not with horror but with excitement and happiness as we all give cheers to each other and eat the twelve grapes.

Each grape represents all of the twelve months of this new year.
As I make a wish first before eating a grape one by one, I wonder: does this ritual work?
I have always wondered, yes or no, I dont need to find the answer
Everyone doing it with confidence and hope, makes me realize that all you have to do is believe.


My sister, Andrea, my Mom, and me enjoying New Years Eve 2015 :-).




The balloons that we pop at the end of the countdown to welcome the new year, our house gets really loud 🙂

My Mom preparing the candles, the 12 grapes, and to give cheers for this new year.
Ready to welcome the new year 🙂