Self -Confidence is Important

Hello Everyone :-)!

I did not always have self-confidence. When I was younger I would often be told by my Aunt Carmen, and my Mom whenever they saw me walking outside with my head on the floor. They always ended up telling me if I had low self-confidence in myself, or if I was hiding something from them, scared I would always reply that I honestly was not hiding something away from them, and secondly, that I did not have a low self-esteem.



I later realized at 13 years old that I did not always have self-confidence in myself. I was always worrying about what my parents and other might think of me, constantly worrying if everyone around me will like me. I would sometimes exaggerate if someone did not like me. Not having self-confidence kept me away from taking risks and trying new things.

Today I am slowly learning to embrace myself in a positive way and learning to accept myself both on the inside and outside.

Having self-confidence will help us get to where we want to go and will help us achieve our goals and dreams in life.

“Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.”      -Helen Keller

“Perhaps I am stronger than I think.”    -Thomas Merton







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