To take the Advice, Or Not

Hello Everyone,

As a young adult now still growing up and still learning, it is at times tough for me to listen to others words of wisdom especially when it involves my parents. I know that being twenty-three years old means that i no longer have to obey by my parents rules and that now I am free to do whatever I want.


But just because I am twenty-three does not mean that I no longer have to follow anyone’s advice. I sometimes tend to ignore an advice that I at first do not realize how that advice could have helped me until much later, when I either have already done something stupid to make the problem more worse than how it already was, or did not take the chance to try that advice.

“Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that’s no reason not to give it.”
            -Agatha Christie

How many of you have ever ignored a really good advice that someone from your family, or even a friend have told you to do?


Without being bossy or unpleasant, I will give advice when I think it is important-even if I risk irritating someone like me.

This is true for me, I have realized that I have been countless of times like this with my younger sister, Andrea where she gets really annoyed at me when I keep on giving her the same advice many times. I have been annoyed also at my parents whenever they would give me advice repeatedly that there were times when I wished that they were not so annoying and preachful. But I know that the people that care for me the most are always going to be like that to me.


So a word of wisdom: please do not ignore an advice from someone you know deeply cares for you.


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