Helping Words

Hello Everyone,

Whenever I see someone in my family or some of my friends having trouble I often think what would be the right words to tell them. When I see someone sad or angry about something that is either bothering them or making them feel low, it makes me feel helpless for not knowing what to tell them to make them feel better.
“A helping word to one in trouble is often like a switch in a railroad track… an inch between a wreck and smooth, rolling prosperity.”
           -Henry Ward Beecher

Some simple and positive words can often help us out of the darkness we were in.

It’s important for me to show, with words and deeds, that I care when someone close to me needs help.

This is something that I will always remember because I believe that words have the power to make us feel better and helps us get back up when we fall. Me whenever I feel really down or discouraged I always like to just listen to music like Taylor Swift or some fun and positive indie music, lately I have been liking bright pop indie music 🙂 music always helps get better once again.


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