My Two Favorite Anne’s


Dear Anne,

Yes that is what I am going to start calling you from now on. It’s my favorite name, it is the name of two of my favorite people. The first is Anne Frank, whom I consider amazing, she kept a diary as well. She used her diary to express herself, her own feelings, opinions and beliefs about life, that is what I admire about her. The second is Anne Shirley from the Anne of Green Gables novels, although she is fictional I like to believe that she did exist and that all of her books are about her real life. Both of the Anne’s are free-spirited, fun, brave, and courageous.

image Anne Frank’s diary.



Your Friend,

Jasmine 🙂


My journal from the front cover.

If both of them were alive I would of loved to meet them one day and tell them exactly how I feel whenever I read their stories.

image Anne Shirley.


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