My Mom’s Childhood Story

Hello Everyone :-)!

My parents are the rock and the huge support system in my life, and will always be no matter how old I get, or where I live. I love hearing stories about my parents childhood growing up in the 80’s.

The stories that really have always captivated me are my mom’s stories of her childhood, growing up in Mexico. She had a childhood full happy and sad times also. Being the daughter of only one parent (her dad) and having a step-mother who would ignore her was really tough for her.

Her mother died when my mom was just three years old so I can only imagine how sad it was for her not to remember her mother:(

There are several stories of my mom’s childhood that I can still remember well, the first is about her being left behind with her step-mother while her dear dad had to go on an important job trip, she was still a really young girl and the thought of not being with him for a week terrified her so much; my mom and her dad were really close. She ended up starving herself because she could not go on without her dad. Everyone in the neighborhood were really worried for her, even my Aunt Gloria, she could not bear to see her starving herself and feeling low all the time so she decided to call my mom’s dad, telling him to come back because her daughter would die of sadness and starvation if he did not come back for her.


Hearing this story from my mom’s own voice made me realize how much she loved her dad, their love for each other was so strong that her dad would not dare leave her daughter alone starving and sad.

I wish my mom had pictures of herself when she was a little girl but for some unknown reason she does not.



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