Money Does not Buy True Happiness

Hello Everyone :-)!

I hope all of you had a great Labor Day weekend :-). For me it was relaxing and great, although I was a little sick but still that did not stop me from having fun and reading my favorite books :-).



Inspiration and motivation are everywhere for me. I did not so much before that quotes can have such a meaningful impact on the way I see life, for me just a simple quote can change my way of thinking about life and how life’s problems are not the only things that exist in life.


This quote has made me go back to these past few months, how much God has worked into my life by bringing me people as blessings that have taught me right from wrong, I am so blessed to have such great meaningful people in my life. I think it is great to have friends you can go to when you fall.

Sure I can say that my life is miserable because I do not live in a big huge mansion in Beverly Hills, or have a million dollars to spend on the things that I really wish I could buy, but I chose to not think that my life is miserable just because I am not rich.


I choose to live a life were I am happy in a healthy way. Sometimes when I hear my parents complain about life and how they wish they had a million dollars to spend it on the things that they always dream to have; I always think to myself, ” why are they always complaining, can’t they see that at least we have a roof under our heads, clothes to wear, and food to eat? We have each other also.” I believe that money is not everything because worrying about how much money you have is not happiness also, doing a hobby that you truly love without the thought of doing it for money is happiness :-)!


I decided not to live a life based on regrets and what if’s. I know that my road to being a successful writer will not happen overnight, but I am only thinking of writing as a career because I love to read, it is what my Aunt Carmen loved to do on her free times; read, read, read :-). I started writing in journals when I was in junior high because reading Anne Frank’ s novel motivated me to use writing as a way to express myself in a meaningful way.


I want to inspire young people to turn to writing as a fun and meaningful tool to express themselves and to shine on their writing to others. I do not know how that will happen, I only know right now that I have the potential to do it, for me it is just a matter of making it come true 🙂



4 thoughts on “Money Does not Buy True Happiness

  1. I can totally relate to the words you have there 🙂 Indeed. Why is it most people complain wherein a lot of blessings given to them. God has worked on me too. Changed me. God loves us indeed! Good work.


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