My Sunday Mass Experience

Hello Everyone! 🙂

I always like going to Sunday Church Mass at the beautiful St. Angela Merici church in Brea, California; although I live in La Habra, It still is not far from where I live which is great because eversince I took my first communion and confirmation class when I was 20 years old (yeah did not do it when I was a young girl) I wanted to choose a church were I would belong and feel a part of it, and at the same time grow on my Catholic faith, and Jesus more, so upon discovering the Sunday Mass services at St. Angela Merici, I discovered that the services are so full of joy, hope, and faith. Their music during mass always give me a sence of peace and joy. The speeches from the Deacons always make me think and reflect deeply on my own life, and what I can do to improve the next time.


I used to think that Sunday Church Masses were rather boring and would make me fall asleep, but now I truly try to focus on the Mass activities and on Jesus because He is the sole reason why I am still living and will not let go off me, no matter what.



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