Glitter my Life

Before darkness was my only friend, loneliness always following me.
But when I discovered Jesus as my Savior he filled me with His true love, a love that will never be replaced.
Friends come and go but now I truly know that You will always be watching over me.
I am going to glitter my life because now I believe in Jesus.
He is the Savior the one who rescued me from the darkness, and the never ending sea of loneliness. In Him I have learned to put my struggles, and to trust. Whenever I pray to Him I feel that my life is full of promise and chances to take without fear.

Yes I will glitter my life without fear.



2 thoughts on “Glitter my Life

  1. Yes, Jesus is the only one who can help us to get over our difficulties in life, He will be a father when we want protection, a mother when needed comfort, brother and sister to be with us and to watch over, a friend to depend on, the perfect partner to rest on shoulders! Anything you need the only answer is Jesus!
    He changed my life, brought me out of darkness to his unfailing love when the world rejected me!
    God Bless!


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